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You often think you know what will your boyfriend in some situation, it would come and "Otemachi" some sort of. Calm down, because he does so, as prescribed in his horoscope, even if he did not believe.


He is lively and popular, a real leader! It is frequently found on the football field or see how it passes on the motorcycle.

His "plus": he is very cheerful and energetic. Not afraid to make the first step or in your relationship or in a difficult situation.

His minus: he's always by himself. Thinks you're going to trail him on the road of life, but yourself. He never sits still that very soon begins to pall. He can say " I love you and next time pick up and abandon their words! Sometimes likes a good bet.

How to conquer? Put on a pair of roller skates from him and try to keep up.


Calves spend a lot of time on their Hobbies. They are solid, firm in their decisions and... a little vruny.

His "plus": he looked forward to a long standing relationship, and if he is really in love, that knows everything about you, down to the smallest strokes of the character. It is sensitive, but all looks for practical use.

His minus: can be terribly stubborn - if he once made a opinion about something or someone, it changes it. Sometimes loud and irritable. And in General it's a bad conversationalist.

How to conquer? Just act natural, don't rush things: he must think that keeps the situation under control and he is taking steps to your approach.


Already in the introduction it can make you feel that you are his best friend, and then perosnality you around the city!

His "plus": a Gemini is very easy and pleasant to talk to - it is simply charming! This guy loves the ease in the relationship. He sincerely interested in what you live, what they think. And generally smart and clever.

His minus: this is one of the most unreliable signs of the Zodiac! He needs loved one, but even under this condition, relationships rarely last long. And he occasionally stretching the truth.

How to conquer? Try to interest the guy the latest news. Give him your attention and refuse meetings with other people - he will appreciate it!


Very emotional and sensual young man, strongly attached to the family and home. He thinks the heart and only trusts his intuition.

His plus: nice and attentive. If you pleased him, he wants to continue the relationship. Be sure, he will patiently listen to your story about the difficulties of life. For Cancer it's like to bring chicken broth to bed protogenia friend!

His minus: he may be too shy, it is sometimes difficult to understand. When he's upset, you may lose your temper, to withdraw into themselves.

How to conquer? Endure it as long as he is well with you. More internoise people who care about him.


Outdoor, charming and causing enjoy the confidence of the young man. Loves to be the center of attention and the life of the party!

His "plus": possesses great patience, a lot can be forgiven. He has a heart of gold! Inexhaustible imagination when it comes to gift for you. He superromance and knows what to do to date you remembered!

His minus: has an enormous ego, thinks he is always right. Can be stubborn, often seek to lead in personal relationships. And symptoms of feelings for him more important than anything else.

How to conquer? Flattery, flattery and only flattery! Don't forget to tell him about what you really like it!


This focuses on high standards and for anyone not making exceptions. Quiet and hardworking, he is always busy.

His "plus": he stands firmly with both feet on the ground, and always knows exactly what he wants. It certainly will help you to bring to school heavy portfolio.

His minus: a little nervous, can greatly upset. He could easily criticize your appearance or behavior. Studies are more important than entertainment.

How to conquer? Find common interests. For example, ask him to help you with the housework.


Lively and sociable, interested in you and your friends not only out of politeness. His charisma and charm would be enough for twenty people.

His "plus": he really wants a long relationship, pay attention to all your needs and knows how to find a compromise, if your desires are not the same. Your parents will be happy if you invite such a charming home!

His minus: too fascinated by the lives of others. And often shows indecision, choosing from two girls one.

How to conquer? Be natural and natural looking, speak clearly and stay right. Libra love logic and clarity.


He looks mysterious and very sexy. Secretive, but only as long as you don't tell him that he's so strong! It is for him more pleasure than playing peepers!

His "plus": it is emotional and passionate and if you really love, you will do everything for you! This guy will understand all your feelings and listen to all your complaints.

His minus sign: Scorpio can use you to achieve their goals, and if you tell him or caught him flirting with another girl, you can rasplavatsya.

How to conquer! Will need some time to get to know this guy - he's not everyone trusts! Be truthful in words and feelings. He is very good at catching lies!


Sports, optimistic, has a lot of friends, always in the way.

His "plus": it can bring you a bite to eat in a very exotic place to submit all your friends, and then take them back on the bike with the breeze! He also loves to talk on the phone.

His minus: can assign a date two or three girls. Prone to perfectionism - if says, very loudly, if delayed,
late, if late, it is much.

How to conquer? Just call him and ask his opinion about school, about life, about politics, or about something else!


He feels much older than his age. Able to perceive many things worse than they really are.

His "plus": he is looking for long relationship. Never late on a date. Always striving to produce the best impression on your friends and parents.

His minus: a lot of time will pass until you recognize in this a serious adult young man normal shy boy with low self-esteem and increased requirements to yourself. You have to constantly remind him of his victories.

How to conquer? Hold your horses! Don't hurry with the initiative " give him time to think carefully.


He likes to surround himself with friends. A little eccentric, does everything in his own way.

His "plus": he really wants to have a girl-friend! This guy won't control, but will help to develop your personality.

His minus: too loves company, so you run the risk of being hung his friends just at the moment when he wants to be alone. He may not always understand your desires.

How to conquer! Be sensitive and caring, but at the same time try to keep the mystique and regularly surprise.


He is kind, sensitive and caring. Most of the time in the clouds, the dreamer, the idealist and the tramp.

His "plus": he'll never sad, always there when you want to say or do something nice!

His minus: nobody knows what he was thinking. He can long hide that upset. Avoids talking about their problems with those who have no close relationship.

How to conquer? Call to talk when he withdraws into himself, and let to speak out when his "bears". Do not press on him, and he will float away!

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