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J. Perelman

Started reading "Entertaining physics" and fascinated by this book, not every reader will guess that it was written no less than a hundred years ago (the first edition was in 1913)! And if the actual material of the book is sometimes slightly out of date, its main content is always relevant because it illustrates and explains the fundamental physical laws.
"Entertaining physics" helps us to see in this seemingly boring academic subject sea is interesting and very easy to understand. The laws of physics operate in our life everywhere, we test and use their action constantly, often without even noticing. "Entertaining physics" helps the reader in a fun way “to learn what he knows”, that is, to deepen and revitalize existing basic information from physics, to consciously teach them to manage and motivate diverse in their use.
A little about the author. Yakov Isidorovich Perelman (1882-1942) - a Soviet scientist and popularizer of physics, mathematics and astronomy, one of the founders of the genre of popular science literature, the author of the concept of "science fiction". He never was a scholar in the truest sense of the word: he did not make scientific discoveries, had no titles and degrees. But his whole life was devoted to science. He never considered himself a writer. But his books were such huge numbers that they could be the envy of most any successful writer. His book was reprinted hundreds of times and have been translated into many languages - the languages of the peoples of the USSR, German, English, French, Polish, Spanish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, etc. May book the legacy of J. Perelman would have been much more had his life not ended in 1942 during the siege of Leningrad. Like many people, he died of starvation during the siege by the German fascist invaders. Yakov Isidorovich did not live up to the beginning of the era of space flight, for which he had advocated. But his books are still in print and, no doubt, will live to delight and amaze young lovers of natural Sciences for many years.

"Entertaining physics" J. Perelman - in two books. Here published both books. However, for ease of reading articles posted in our table of contents is not how they are in the books. We have posted articles from the same chapters of each book in the General sections. If the reader will want to know in which of the books is this or that article, he can go to the page with this article and see the full information on its header.
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