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If you want to know what your Mama, answer the questions in this simple test.

1. Do you know a mom with your friends?
a) she knows all my friends and friends;
b) knows only the closest;
C) sometimes they are interested in;
g) it does not matter with whom I am friends.

2. Does you mom do homework?
a) can sit next;
b) considers that it is my work;
in helps and even checks them;
g) sometimes explains everything, and sometimes she has no time on it.

3. If you say, most likely will stay away until midnight, your mother:
a) would like to call;
b) shout, and will not let go;
C) I will say that it has never been done;
d) warn that, and she goes to visit.

4. What will mom, if you and your girlfriend in her presence firmly verygames?
a) make the observation;
b) all of the views will make it clear that this is bad;
C) just a joke somehow;
d) simply won't notice.

5. If you have money it:
a) will give, but I will ask on that;
b) may provide, or may not give;
C) will declare that it's time to work;
d) say, "When you go to work - will return".

6. You tell her that dream to become a fashion model, and she in response:
a) it's not for you;
b) how long will you last?
C) this may not be the main profession;
d) I also dreamed about it.

7. If you had a fight with someone from the family, she:
a) will be asked to tell her all the details several times;
b) you try with them to reconcile;
C) say that adults are always right;
g) will stand at your side.

8. What reaction will the mother, if she sees you on her finger an expensive ring?
a) be sure find out: who, when, what for;
b) forced to return back;
C) would have gathered if you are married;
g) will be asked to wear a ring.

9. You say you want to go to study in another city, and my mom:
a) let go, but how long will wail;
b) go;
C) approve one hundred;
d) will ask you again to think carefully.

10. How often does the mother says she loves you?
a) not very often;
b) said when I was little;
C) often says about it;
g) can talk every day, and then shut up for a year.

Count any letters in your answers more.

A - MAMA-GIRLFRIEND". As a rule, Mama-girlfriend" interested in everything and everyone. She is well aware of your group and always aware of your whole school life. If you came up with girlfriend, mom with huge enthusiasm involved in your conversation and knows how to make you happy with her candid. If it has at least some opportunity to accompany you on a walk, she will certainly take advantage of. And don't be surprised if even the people in your group will find it for her. Sometimes it seems that there is nothing wrong, but there is one "but": the mother to change his demeanor and how will your relationship, when you're twenty? So tactfully ask her to give you the opportunity to visit with friends alone.

B - MAMA-CONSCIENCE". This mother always pressing upon his love to you and your sense of responsibility to her. If you want to go to the disco, you probably hear that there are some bullies and you surely something will happen. Then she'll cry, and you will not go anywhere. The words "think of us with dad" so will sink into your mind that you step will not be able to do without consulting with her mother. So when you will face the task of making any important decision, it may happen that you can not cope with this. "Maybe it will upset my mother?" - think you're ...not going to do something very important.
Try to convince her that evening you're in the company of good, true friends who will not let them hurt you, and inability to make independent decisions really hurt you in the future.

IN "MOTHER-TEACHER. "It is necessary to do so, and that's it, and that you did wrong," always says my mum is a teacher. You may feel that everything you do is bad. For her to be everywhere: at home, at school, in personal life. First, list your responsibilities at home is growing every day. Secondly, to relax you still don't have, if the mother, for example, moves the furniture one. Rough daughter should help! And if you try to tell her that her guidance prevent you to live, you will certainly hear that you have her then I'll be grateful.
Of course, you have my mother to help, but remind her that in addition to domestic duties do you have more lessons, friends, Hobbies, so everything should be within reasonable limits. In addition, the life according to a strict schedule resembles a colony of strict regime, and small deviations from it will make your existence much more pleasant.

G - MAMA BY ITSELF". A mother can be calculated as follows. She asks you: "How are you?" You say, "Well, do sigh, to continue the conversation, but... my mother was already gone. It is not climbs and interested in nothing. She believes that you must decide for herself, but for her the main thing that you shod, clothed and fed. It seems not to be offended. You yourself would fill their cones, but somewhere deep down you feel sorry for yourself. You would have talked with her mother, but her constant indifference created between you is too great a barrier.
Explain to the mother that is most important to you its part in your destiny, kindness and good advice. Probe her chores, work, friends, priluckaya to it.

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