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Love is a rain earthworms?

Hardworking create in the morning love to relax near the hole mink (to become warmer and softer, they lined the upper part of the mink leaves.) This pastime deadly bird would not have been able to pull worms out of the holes, if they rested not at the surface, and deeper. Why is it necessary to sit at the entrance? Alas, no answer yet.

There is no answer to another is trivial and sad phenomenon - it is unclear why, in the rain, worms masses leave their shelter. In the city under the rain, they just lose their heads - from the green lawn are selected on the asphalt, where their relentless pressure tires or heels passers-by. However, in the rain they die by the thousands and without heels: storm flows away from the fields, their lifeless bodies into the river to feast on the fish.

At first I thought that not all earthworms (for this oddity they got their name) in bad weather go out of the house. Thought leaving only those who are plagued by larvae of flies. Drew this idyll: supposedly doomed because parted with life to the sound of rain, which, together with a carried away to the underworld and evil larvae. But it turned out that a healthy worm, in full bloom, the weather is sent to the foolish voyage.

Why, when weather is good the owner and the dog in the yard wasn't, worms ulepetyvaet from home? Don't drown in the dungeon? Hardly - special experiments showed that in the water they can live for 140 days without even eating anything at all. However, the water must be dissolved oxygen so you can breathe on the surface of the body. In drops, fallen from the sky, there's enough oxygen.

So, it's something else. Maybe detrimental sharp temperature drop when cold rain saturates the sun-warmed earth? Maybe Prodromou, worms leave their apartments for warmth? It is known that in the autumn they die in the most weak frosts, although in winter they hibernate in suspended animation and calmly tolerate a few degrees below zero. On wet and shivering worms pitiful. They wriggle around in the puddle until you stand still forever.

And suddenly rain water contains any substance that kills worms? It is unlikely. A chemical change in the environment of underground workers are typically indifferent to their body easily takes many toxic compounds. They do not respond to high concentrations of CO2, together with the earth quietly swallow harmful substances brought water and landed on the soil of the contaminated air.

Once with the side of the road new York - Washington, at which day and night race cars, collected earthworms. When did the tests, it was found that the inhabitants of the curb on the throat stuffed with toxic metals. The concentrations of lead and zinc in their bodies was fatal to birds eating worms. Cadmium was too much, but not deadly. The worms ate and Nickel, but his damage is not well-known. How these metals are trapped in the body of the inhabitants of the curb? Probably, they were washed away from the highway all the same enemy worms by rain. (Lead included in fuel, and zinc in lubricating oils, cadmium and tires, and Nickel sparkle bumper and the radiator).

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