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I link the worlds everywhere things,
I extreme substances;
I focused living.
Heck primary deity;
I body in the dust of decay,
Mind the thunders command,
I am king - I am slave - I am a worm, " I am a God!
G. Derzhavin

Once in the family of the inventor of the shepherd's flute, the Greek God of cattle of Hermes and the goddess of beauty Aphrodite was born a son. In honor of the divine parents of the boy called a Hermaphrodite. When he grew up and matured and fell in love with the nymph, Salmakia. Desperate to win his love, she begged the gods to make it not parted with Hermaphrodite. The plea of Salacity was heard: her body was fused with the body of the Hermaphrodite. The young man suddenly became androgynous being.

In experimental transplant female tissues gods, likely to follow a path blazed by nature: a sample could be taken at least earthworms - they are hermaphrodites and can be both father and mother at the same time.

The majority worms growing on the front part of the body called fascia. On it they some time and carry their child: belt, like Skatert-Samobranka, suddenly covered with a liquid-ring; this care is delayed nutrient mixture for unborn baby and the egg (sometimes several). Then androgynous parent, backwards, resets the ring-cocoon over the head. A through hole in the cradle itself is sealed, and the cocoon is like a tiny lemon. If the weather did not disappoint, after a month of "crib" will slip a little hermaphroditic, which next year will also grow up and get a belt.

Earthworms multiply very quickly. Those with red pigmentation, for the year lay not more than a hundred cocoons, and a solid thirty-degree inhabitant of soil, called by the people vyposkom, still less 40 cocoons. The life path of wyporska too small - only 5-6 years. Considering that worms love Lapwings, rooks, blackbirds, toads, shrews and moles, then the number of offspring does not seem large. And if you remember that the underground inhabitants are included in the menu, gulls, owls, Tysiachniouk and flies, the number of the offspring will look quite modest.

Scary robbing blowflies, females are looking for mink worms to lay eggs in coprolites (enriched organic emissions from the intestine of the worm). From these eggs soon come bloodthirsty larvae. These vile creatures, probably guided by the smell, get to the unsuspecting owner mink and vnedrivšis ' helpless body, eat it from the inside. Larvae of flies prefer adult worm with a belt, and if he is not around, and nepodpisnyh cubs will not regret it.

About flies, torturing the subject of our story, to write unpleasant. It is better to talk about more than decent swallower - mole. Remember, as in Andersen's fairy tale thick mole came in the evening, the old mouse hole, where temporarily lived Thumbelina. He talked about that soon the fly end, the sun will cease to burn, and the earth will again be soft and loose. Then they get married.

"But Thumbelina was all sad and crying, she didn't want to marry a thick mole...

"Nonsense!" said the old mouse.- Stop being a baby, or I will bite you with his white teeth. What do you make of the mole is not the husband? The Queen is no such velvet coat, as he. Yes and in the cellars it is not empty".

And in fact - Cracovie cellar is not empty, although in one sitting master eat 20 grams of worms. And "sessions" are repeated in four to five hours. Worm mole eats at one end, holding the writhing body legs and scrubbing caked earth. After the meal, the owner of chic coats podderjivaet head under his belly and falls asleep four hours. Waking up, he feels unbearable hunger and again throws in search of food (in the middle lane half krajowego diet consists of earthworms).

How mole razdarivaet such a vast number of worms? Very simple: they are asking for it themselves join his cellar - they are attracted by the smell krajowego musk. In addition, in the underground galleries little warmer than in the damp earth, it also attracts accidents. The owner of the maze even stores for a rainy day, so they didn't run away, accusive their heads. The poor have no choice but to do grow a new head. And this requires time - worm months lying on Krotova the kitchen and does not deteriorate even without a fridge.

So, the worms have serious reason to stay away from the mole away. And some of their species do: evolution gave them an innate reaction to escape from mole progress, when it runs the master. About his approach seemed to be telling the tiniest shake of the soil. Like it or otherwise, but the worms are afraid of vibration and jump to the surface. Alas, this is not always the way to salvation, Lapwings, masquerading as the mole, kick them out of the ground, quickly shaking leg extended forward; gulls forced underground inhabitants to leave their homes toposa feet - four times per second raising and lowering the legs. Well, that birds are able to deceive is usually only a small gray worms, which are called allolobophora.

Even more mysteriously razdarivaet earthworms new Zealand kiwi bird. In the English journal was told a few kiwis have been trained to search for food, in thin walled aluminum tubes. (Kiwi, probably, a superior sense of smell, and nostrils on the tip of the beak.) Now, kiwi quickly got used to eat from aluminum cookware. Then part of the tubes was filled with worms, and the rest of earth. To make it harder to know where packaged food, all tubes obmatali nylon and covered with a thick layer of earth. In the morning he found that the birds were dug out and pasted only those tubes which were worms. How managed kiwi to smell prey through the earth and through the aluminum? Mystery. But with worms happen and more strange things.

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