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What is the meaning of Red Cross and Red Crescent?

Red Crossthe Red cross is the emblem of the International Movement of red cross and red Crescent (ICRC). The ICRC is an international humanitarian organization working around the world today. It provides humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflict and armed violence, and disseminates knowledge about the laws that protect victims of war. The red cross movement sees its primary mission "to Help all those who suffer, without any adverse distinction, thus contributing to peace on Earth" and unites more than 100 million volunteers around the world.

The international red cross was founded by a Swiss businessman and social activist Henry Dunant in 1863 in Switzerland. After the battle of Solferino 24 June 1859, when in battle, killed more than 40 thousand soldiers, Henry Dunant was shocked by the almost complete lack of medical care on the battlefield. He decided to devote himself to the care of wounded soldiers.

In 1884 he organized the first international conference of the International Committee of the red cross. This conference adopted the emblem of the society - a red cross on a white background. The color of the logo represents the opposite colors of the national flag of Switzerland with respect to the homeland Movement.

The Swiss flag and the Red Cross

Officially called the "international Red Cross" was approved in 1928 on the 13-th international conference in the Hague. At the same time the Charter was adopted organization.

During the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 Ottoman Empire refused to use this logo. The red cross was called the Turks negative associations with the crusaders. The Ottoman Empire declared its intention to use as a protective emblem of the red Crescent instead of the red cross, telling them that he would respect the red cross, used by the enemy. For the Ottoman Empire was followed by other countries, where the majority of the population professes Islam.

The Geneva Convention of 1929 recognized the red Crescent as the second protective emblems.

At the 25th international conference of the red cross, held in October 1986, was approved the new name of the organization - the International movement of red cross and red Crescent (ICRC).

Red Cross and red Crescent, the ICRC logo

By the way...

  • Birthday Henri Dunant - may 8 is celebrated as international day of the red cross and red Crescent societies.
  • In 1919, for aid coordination in situations not connected with military action, was the international Federation of red cross and red Crescent societies (the Federation) with headquarters in Geneva.
  • The red cross is a protective logo and registered trademark of the International movement of red cross and red Crescent societies, so the use of these symbols other organizations prohibited by international law.
  • The use of the emblem of the red cross commercial firms, pharmacies, private individuals, private doctors, clinics are examples of misuse of the logo is not authorized agencies or individuals. Cars and ambulance service have the right to use the red cross emblem, subject to national legislation, and that assistance would be provided exclusively on a voluntary basis.
  • Red cross and red Crescent is one of the most recognizable characters in the world. Originally created to indicate the sanitary services of the armed forces and protect the sick and wounded, they eventually turned into symbols of impartial assistance to all who are suffering. However, the fact that some person, organization or company participate or wish to participate in the aid itself does not give them the right to use these characters during its operations.
  • The emblem of the red cross and red Crescent societies do not are symbols of medicine.
  • The emblem of the red cross is the key to humanitarian work - the logo is designed to protect both the victimsand the people who came to their aid.
  • Sometimes images of the cross and Crescent is given to cultural, religious or political significance. In turn, the national society who do not wish to use the emblem of the red cross or red Crescent, was not recognized as full members of the Movement. This did not allow the Movement to implement one of its main principles - the principle of universality. In order to solve the problem, put forward the idea to take a third emblem, which would be acceptable to all national societies. This idea was realized in December 2005, when the diplomatic conference recognized along with the red cross and red Crescent, the third emblem - the red crystal (red diamond on a white background).
    Red cross, red Crescent and red crystal emblems ICRC

    This emblem devoid of any religious, cultural or political values, but has the same legal status as the red cross and red Crescent, and can be used together with them, and as a stand-alone logo.


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And Israel uses the Red Shield David
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It is not so. For example Indonesia (world champion on the number of Muslims) uses the emblem of the red cross
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the red cross is a Christian organization.
red Crescent - Muslim
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I didn't understand what the red Crescent
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Where to find 7 principal?
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