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Why fly sitting on the wall or ceiling and not falling?

The legs of insects end in claws, which help them to hold on a variety of surfaces. These claws will usually take the bumps on rough surfaces. The surfaces seem to be absolutely smooth, actually have a lot of microscopic bumps and grooves. They also serve as points of support for tiny claws.

But the flies on the tips of the legs have special pads. They are covered with hairs that end with the thickened ends. I used to think that this sucker to hold on smooth surfaces. But careful observation using a microscope with a thousandfold increase showed that these pads are not suckers, and glands that produce fluid containing sugar and fat. With this liquid fly sticks to smooth surfaces and held in it.

Foot flies under magnification Fly on the wall
Fly foot Fly on the wall

And like a fly off the foot from the surface?

It turned out that the fly uses for this already four way! However, the principle of operation of all four methods is the same: fly foot doesn't come off perpendicular to the surface and exfoliate at an angle lower than 90 degrees. In this case, the resistance to peeling at times less, as this pads behind the surface in small areas, row by row, and not simultaneously over the entire area. If you had to deal with tape, then well be able to present it to remove it step by step easy, but to tear perpendicular to the surface is almost impossible.


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2013-10-06 18:16:51
cool as the rest of the sites (usually everything strawberry
2013-04-14 10:06:22
2013-04-06 21:20:50
A more faithful version of "why is a fly not falling from the ceiling" was in the magazine "inventor", but unfortunately don't remember his nomernye bring the essence of this article
A fly on the pads of the paws stands out not just sticky fluid, and a special suspension, which under the action of the potential difference (on the pads nerve endings) turns into a solid substance, tightly priklauso foot to the surface. Once served the nerve impulse to disengage the tabs from the surface, the solid substance instantly turns back into the liquid. So fly freely and quickly runs across the ceiling. Prikleivaemaya the ability of this substance is so great that the fly is not blown away from the windshield of a car moving at high speed.
2013-03-02 14:37:22
hi well just cool to me in high school is a 5 delivered!!
2012-07-09 05:43:52
This is a very interesting material! I puzzled on this issue. And I thought that flies stood with wings
2012-04-20 13:21:01
2011-11-15 13:50:23
and for adults informative!
2011-10-24 13:15:16
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