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Why Russula called?

Russula it would Seem that everything is simple: russulas are so named because they can be eaten raw. But it's not as though many species syroezhek you can actually eat fresh - they have a pleasant sweet taste, reminiscent of the taste of the nut.

Actually this name Russula got because when salting they become suitable for consumption faster than other mushrooms on average, in a day; that is, they can eat almost raw. In other words, they require minimal cooking.

RussulaAbout eating these mushrooms raw should tell more. The fact that the flesh of some species of Russula has a bitter taste. It disappears after soaking such syroezhek in cold salted water, or after boiling. But there are some types of russules, flesh burning which is caustic. One type is called "caustic Russula". Such Russula inedible. They are not poisonous in the full sense of the word, but strongly irritate the mucous membranes, so that the pleasure of such a meal you will certainly not get. Hence a simple rule to determine the edibility of Russula: if it tastes raw, soft, no pungent taste, it is good to eat.

Did you know that...

Russula - nutritious mushroom, rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Russula delicious boiled, fried, roasted, pickled and salted. However, most of the mushroom does not respect this fungus. The reason for this is that syroezhek very brittle flesh. It is very difficult to convey to the house from the forest not whole mushrooms, and served from russules. However, if you are extremely careful and will carry them to the kitchen in one piece, you will appreciate their delicate mild taste and speed of cooking!




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