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In the early 70-ies of XX century in one of the cities in the United States after the rain, after which the legs of the townspeople spread... nylon stockings. It is known that nylon afraid of acid. It is the acid in considerable quantity contained raindrops.

Acid is formed when connecting industrial gaseous emissions with water vapor. In the atmosphere may appear nitric or hydrofluoric acid, but mostly cause of acid rain becomes sulfuric acid.

In the boiler is often used fossil fuels, the combustion of which oxides of sulfur. They get into the air when copper production and production of other non-ferrous metals, ores which may contain very high (up to 45%) admixture of sulfur. Most of the sulfur compounds emitted into the atmosphere in the Northern hemisphere over the U.S., Europe and Japan.

Get into the atmosphere of sulfur compounds and the eruption of volcanoes. But if in 1990 the supply of sulfur oxides during volcanic eruptions amounted to 2.5 million tons, anthropogenic revenues amounted to 250 million tons. As we can see, people pollute the atmosphere 100 times stronger than volcanoes.

Sulfur oxides are formed during the decomposition of organic compounds (burning garbage), so the debris should be recycled, but not burn.

Acid rain causes acidification of water in rivers and lakes, resulting in lose the ability to exist for many types of organisms. Once a symbol of purity, the snow also contaminated with sulfur oxides. It is harmless, while standing in the cold. Also in the spring, abundant meltwater can in a few days to increase the acidity of the lake water 10 times. The result of this is a long time, if not forever, to disrupt the biological balance in the pond.

Acid rains have adversely affected the yield of orchards, fields and gardens: in the heat of summer leaves and shoots wither.

Suffer from "heavenly acid and metal construction. From them more quickly rusts iron and is covered with green platinum bronze, from which cast many monuments and works of the great sculptor. Sulfuric acid can erode even the stone! It causes fading of colors. The famous Leonardo da Vinci's "last supper" faded, according to experts, because in the atmosphere has increased the amount of pollution.

Acid rain can be prevented, if to install the equipment cleaning gaseous emissions from sulfur compounds. Maybe in the 3rd Millennium will forget this terrible term "acid rain", invented over a hundred years ago, the English chemist A. Smith.


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2014-05-04 14:49:06
2014-04-21 18:43:41
Thank you! Set 5
2013-11-13 20:15:41
And here is the answer to the question: where and how to get into the lake of acid rain?
2013-05-16 22:31:38
thank you, very helpful
2012-04-09 12:27:35
Thank you! Really helped!
2012-01-26 12:44:00
Why rain water has a pH of 5.6 to 5.7
2011-06-03 08:41:35
Nikita, nobody claims that the pH of rain water the same as distilled. But how much below 7, well you did not specify? Carbonic acid is very weak, and it cannot lower the pH significantly. The reaction is not contaminated rainwater is Slightly acidic (pH of 5.6 to 5.7). And acid rain have pH 5.0-4.5 or below. And the reason for such a decrease, as time is of industrial emissions, such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides.
> Anthropogenic emissions slightly increase the acidity
Slightly? What is the acidity must be the rain can melt nylon pantyhose?
2011-06-01 11:53:46
Surprisingly, why not wrote that in those times when never existed plants and other things, the pH of rain water was always below 7. First and foremost acidity due to the presence of impurities in the water carbonic acid, which is formed by the interaction of water and carbon dioxide. It's always been. Anthropogenic emissions slightly increase the acidity (lower pH), but rainwater isopogon centuries had pH<7.
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