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That the Earth rotates around its axis, said in the treatise of Copernicus, issued in 1543. But on the issue that causes it to spin, there are many hypotheses.

The most common theory explains the processes going on during the formation of the planets. Clouds of cosmic dust "would bunch together, forming the nuclei of the planets, they attracted other more or less large space body. The collision of these bodies and were able to impart rotation to the future planets. And then the planet continued to rotate by inertia.

However, there are mysteries. For example, six planets in the Solar system rotate in one direction, and only Venus is in the opposite (and Uranus rotates practically lying on his side, that is, on this planet there is no change of day and night). The speed of rotation of the Earth is not constant - not fully understandable reasons, it can vary in either direction by thousandths of a second.

In General, the Earth slows its rotation every 100 years time, the total turnover increased by 0,0024 seconds. This is attributed to the influence of the moon. Lunar gravity causes the Earth and tides, and the movement of masses of water requires energy, which is taken from the energy of rotational motion of the Earth. Slowly all the planets of the Solar system rotates around its axis Venus - its day is longer than the earth in 243 times, the "fast" - Jupiter (its period of rotation is 9,925 hours) and Saturn (he commits a turnover of over 10 hours 34 minutes).


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2014-06-15 18:33:53
The earth and planets revolve by reason
gra gearing Amerim radiation. Strictly proven!
luboznatelnih the Council to look at the photos of serration edges of the disk of the planet Saturn and You will understand everything! Satellite Cassini tried.
2014-05-19 15:05:06
the land in the future will stop because it's not a perpetual motion machine.
the world is not eternal engine.
2014-03-27 04:29:06
why land in rotatin around my axis
2014-03-15 06:07:57
Thank you very much and for the info and comments. Who owns the information, owns the world
2013-12-16 09:52:46
Here I write that day on Venus is 243 times longer than on Earth. There's a workday would be 243 times longer. We the people are just lucky!
2013-12-03 19:37:42
And no one knows!! and the rest is all nonsense and lies!! nobody knows where the sun and cosmic dust came from !! and why the earth rotates ...
2013-10-30 23:37:24
as earth rotates because God invented!!but attempts by scientists to explain this process attempts monkeys to understand the mystery of mirovozdanie
2013-09-28 21:25:32
In the center of the earth raskalennyi metal ball around a nuclear reaction
2013-07-24 08:40:22

by your logic the direction of a magnetic needle showing ,say to the North, will change over time, but this is not the case , so this theory is not true
2013-06-24 17:52:23
Idiotic theory that the Earth rotates around its axis due to collisions with other space objects 4.5 billion years ago. The fastest Land, as well as other planets, rotates due to the fact that it has its own magnetic field as an electric motor. The core is a rotor, the rest of the Earth - the stator. In the core of a lot of iron, it creates its own magnetic field, which in turn creates torque. The earth revolves

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