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Why fruit, Chinese gooseberry named "kiwi"?

At home the fruits of wild Asian gooseberry small and sour. First they tried to cultivate the famous Russian breeder Ivechosen, but did not manage to finish the job. After 1945 his work continued botany New Zealand. On these Islands, with their beautiful climate berries were large, tasty, and very useful due to the high content of vitamins. And the name they got for a striking similarity to the famous flightless new Zealand bird kiwi-kiwi.


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2012-12-11 18:47:01
don the kiwi is a gooseberry?
The Naidoo
2012-12-03 19:51:53
Amazing answer! I really liked it!:)
2011-09-30 01:38:52
I never would have thought that this gooseberry))
2011-02-17 10:57:27
How interesting)))))))))))))))!
2011-02-14 20:18:32
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