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Yellow urine gives urogram complex bile pigment urobilin protein. In urine there are other pigments, but they are much smaller than urochrome, so the yellow color in urine prevails.

Where this pigment is taken in the urine?

Urine from the body via the excess water and salts, as well as end products of metabolism. One such product is the urobilin. It is formed in the intestine from bilirubin bile under the influence of bacteria living in the gut. Part of the products of the breakdown of bilirubin is excreted in the feces in the form of stercobilin, and the other part is absorbed into the blood and from the blood excreted by the kidneys into the urine.

Normal urine has a color from straw yellow to amber-yellow. The color of normal urine is determined by its concentration: poorly concentrated urine is almost colorless, highly concentrated (for example, in the heat, with increased perspiration) has an amber color.

Did you know that...

In the urine of a healthy person there are always traces of another breakdown product of bilirubin - urobilinogen. Urobilinogen is a colourless substance, but on the air it is oxidized and converted to urobilin. So if you collect the urine in a jar and leave it for a few hours in the light, the urine during this time will darken.

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