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Everybody knows the pain in the muscles after strenuous exercise, especially if this person is a long time not doing physical exercises. This pain occurs 4-6 hours after exercise and on the second day increases. This is why.

During the intensive work the muscle works in the so-called anaerobic mode, i.e. when it lacks oxygen and uses stored energy. The end product of anaerobic metabolism is lactic acid. If the load is moderate, the lactic acid safely excreted from the muscles with blood. But if the load is high, lactic acid does not have time to be excreted from the muscles and starts to irritate the nerve endings. So there is pain.

This is the first type of pain is caused by the large muscle loads. It occurs during exercise and increases as they continue, but gradually takes place after the cessation of stress. After physical activity increases blood flow to muscles, increasing their tone, the muscles increase in size.

But there is a second type of muscle pain from exercise - delayed muscle pain. It occurs the next day after exercise and may persist for 2-3 days. It is another reason is the emergence of microreserves in the muscle fibres. Delayed muscle pain accompanied by inflammation of the muscles. As training syndrome of delayed muscle pain subsides.

How to avoid muscle pain after exercise?

First of all, exercise should be done regularly. Muscle aches from beginners who after long periods of idleness decided accelerated pace to put him in shape.

During exercise, the body gets used to the load, and it does cause muscle pain sensations. This does not mean that lactic acid ceases to be generated. Just our body with regular exercise is accustomed to cope with the usual load and not to respond to her sudden muscle pain.

Secondly, do not overwork the first day of class. The load increase should be gradual. There is a misconception that muscle pain after the first exercise is a normal side effect of the load, a sign that the muscles are worked. Nothing like this! Pain is a signal the body that something is wrong. In this case, the pain, the body tells us that muscles got an overload.

Thirdly, before classes you should always perform a warm-up, warm-up the muscles.

What to do if the pain has already appeared?

First, in any case do not stop the practice, because exercise will help speed up metabolism. Only it is necessary to reduce the intensity of training.

Secondly, with muscular pains well to massage. After exercise, the muscles are compressed, and massage helps to relax.

Thirdly, if the pain is very strong, useful warm shower, because it also increases the metabolic rate and promotes relaxation.

Fourthly, it is helpful to drink plenty of water, because water is involved in all metabolic processes in the body and helps rid the body of metabolic products.

Physical exercise is useful for all!

By the way...

Sore muscles after physical exertion may occur due to the rupture of the muscle. It's much more serious than the pain untrained muscles! To distinguish between these two types of pain is simple: if the pain is the result of overload, the muscles just slightly hurts when walking and other movements. When muscle ruptures any movement causes severe pain that does not move. The first kind of pain takes place by itself, the second requires treatment by a doctor!


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2014-03-26 11:58:54
Why after physical load one leg to nalivaetsa, napryagetsya more than the other, the load is the same???
2013-12-28 23:26:28
Yesterday I went to blockbuster where I was skating then went to the 7D and went to the mirror laberint the next day my entire day hurts the press what to do I don't know
2013-12-21 21:06:09
For something muscles did not ache you need to warm up with light exercises and then move on to more complex
2013-09-21 21:40:45
I wish I had your problems... After training in 1st day fees, very sore muscles, and the coach coached us in dual mode. And even worse, when you stretch a muscle, then in General it impossible to strain
2013-09-04 19:24:21
I after physical exertion drink a lot, take a warm shower and smeared warming ointments. Helps a lot))

2013-08-05 22:55:39
A good article. Already 3 years I " chilled". Thought SANASA fitness. Now die from muscle pain. Walking hurts.
2013-07-26 21:38:38
Thanks to the lactic acid I used to. and now, after intensive training run ahead of the ski season, could not understand that the muscles of the legs, is microreserve.
2013-07-25 17:34:44
And personally I think that pain is an indicator of the correctness of your exercises. But now after exercise I boleti muscles, and I would take the advice of the author. I went into the shower))
2013-07-15 08:58:33
Yes, and muscles grow when Vratsa, but this does not mean that you need to kill yourself to more weight and long workouts, otherwise you will get injury.

Remember, in sports, in relationships, quickly started quickly ended.
Quickly gaining muscle mass or threw the weight will return to normal.

The body must learn to suffer dropped weight or Vice versa muscle mass.

2013-07-15 08:55:36
Someone wrote that it is impossible to drink water.
Water should be drunk all the time during your workout for an hour about half a liter of water are required to drink.
Muscle ache because accumulates them in lactic acid.
If you often do, she goes out, and they don't get sick. Should stop training even for a week, during this period she will have time again to accumulate, and muscles will be a little ache.

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