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Chips with soda occupy the first place in the list of the most harmful products. The chips are nothing more than a mixture of carbohydrates and fat with salt, dyes and substitutes different tastes. Especially harmful chips not made from whole potatoes, and potato flour.

Although the potato itself is a useful product, process, powerful processing, which the potatoes are subjected in the manufacture of chips, she loses all of its beneficial properties, and instead becomes harmful.

Because of the high content of carbohydrates (starch) and fat chips are very high in calories. 100 g of chips contains 510 calories, and it's almost half the daily allowance for a child. That's why the chips contribute to obesity.

The chips are very salty, and the excess salt prevents normal bone growth, disrupts metabolism and can cause swelling and heart problems. Hypertensive patients chips are generally contraindicated: pohrustet chips, hypertensive can get a jump in blood pressure. The fact that the main component of salt is sodium tends to hold water: one molecule immediately surrounds 400 water molecules! And when the heart needs to pump through the vessels of a greater quantity of liquid than normal pressure in humans increases.

Dyes and fragrances that give the chips taste Vetchinkin, sour cream with dill or shrimp can cause allergies.

And fats contained in the chips, it is extremely hazardous to health, as they have a carcinogenic effect, i.e. the ability to cause cancer. The fats contained in the chips, so - called hydrogenated fats. This fat is, for example, margarine. Because the chips are fried not useful vegetable oil, and on the technical fat. These fats increase cholesterol levels in the blood and increase the risk of origin of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes even at a young age, though these diseases are considered to be of age.

Vitamins and minerals (not to mention useful tissue) no chips at all.

And, as scientists have found, the chips can be addictive! That's why, once you try thin slices of fried potatoes, kids crave again and again to eat them.

Now you understand why the chips recently banned to sell in school cafeterias our country? Don't be tricked into advertising and do not buy chips - will be healthier!


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2014-06-09 21:47:07
Of course you didn't hear that from chips to die,because dying from obesity,the pressure which cause the chips..
2014-05-24 13:48:12
I have not once neslysela that someone died because of chips
2014-05-24 13:10:00
the chips are delicious and healthy who do not schitaet the wrong
2014-05-23 18:53:41
аnt1moz. Go to the bath.
2014-05-21 16:00:28
I have more of this stuff, not vosmoy even know what chips do Chilikin eat them,and that something will poison
2014-05-11 19:41:56
Fu fu fu Chips and Kirieshki crap
2014-05-07 19:44:58
in my class from cereal Allergy
2014-04-12 15:51:38
and crackers, too, as the chips are also not advised
2014-04-09 21:07:07
2014-04-09 17:00:38
Well I eat them very rarely. I was always told that the chips harmful;-) Oh, sorry that they are not useful for our health... would be Cool... :'-(

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