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Yawning zaitlinhave You ever noticed that when you yawn, as all around, as if on cue, begin to do the same thing, even if no reason for yawning is not? It turns out that yawning is really contagious. Scientists have found that people unconsciously responds not only to yawn, but even on paper the word "yawn"!

The most inclined to "catch" a yawn people who have stronger capacity for empathy. People, tough in nature, and unable to imagine yourself in the other person immune to the yawn.

It is known that yawning is associated with sleepiness and often serves as a "prelude" of sleep. But this does not explain its huge infectiousness: the sleeping person does not make us yawn, nor feel sleepy.

According to one theory, the contagiousness of yawning is related to the fact that people once lived in packs, like chimpanzees, and it was important for them at the same time to go to bed. So yawning served and serves as a signal that the time has come for sleep. Sensing yawn neighbor as a signal to yawn, and then to sleep, herd animals used to sleep together, warming and protecting each other during sleep.

Contagious yawning has also been observed among animals: yawn owners contagious to dogs. No wonder: after all, dogs have an inherent ability to understand and other means of expression without words: the looks and gestures, they have a strong sense of empathy with the human host.

Yawning dog

If you've read this article till the end and never yawned, then you should not think that you are the exception to the rule. In fact, the percentage of people who start to yawn when others do it, is from 45 to 60% (chimpanzees react to yawn only in 33% of cases, and dogs in 72%off!)

Yawning: you're next!

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2014-04-08 15:48:29
I have read this article, yawned a dozen times! Even after he had read it was still yawning, until you turned it off... I Wonder parrots react to our yawning? My parrot Rick when yawning, I looked at him and he too sazawal.
2014-02-25 15:04:01
I don't yawned. But wanted to sleep. I just get sick...
2014-02-04 12:59:04
And I only picture looked and yawned, and in the process of reading again 7.
2014-01-07 12:15:44
I didn't yawn but wanted to sleep immediately)) thanks for such a good text about the yawning )) it's cool
2013-10-27 03:35:57
Haha! In General nonsense written, contradictions themselves. As a due sense of empathy, and "herd mentality" for self-protection in monkeys?
Actually yawning appears when there is a lack of oxygen, or fatigue and the brain signals the body, causing a reflex reaction - deep breath for oxygen saturation.
And catching it from that person (or animal), seeing or just hearing a yawn (signal - lack of oxygen) as a self-defense does the same.
P.S. Read this crazy article, never yawned.
2012-12-11 18:41:34
interesting answer
Cheap dad
2012-11-18 05:31:06
LUISENO, the reasons can be two: 1) you read attentively, 2) you are not very capable of empathy. The one and the other is within normal limits ))
2012-11-17 12:26:53
This article skushna =0 but I never yawned =∅
2012-11-11 02:13:02
hmm... now there's a mystery!! I times 4 yawned while reading
2012-11-05 14:47:21
I have 5 just yawned and me and my cat...didn't notice it before him such

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