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The moon instantly fell to the Ground, if it was fixed. But the Moon is not in place, it revolves around the Earth.

You can verify this yourself by conducting a simple experiment. Tie eraser thread and start to spin. The eraser on the thread will just break out of your hands, but the thread it will not be allowed. Now stop the rotation. Eraser immediately fall.

Even more illustrative example is the analogy - Ferris wheel. People don't fall out of this merry-go-round when they are at the highest point, despite the fact that they are upside down, because the centrifugal force, which throws them out (pulls to the seat)is greater than the gravitational force of the Earth. The speed of rotation of the Ferris wheel specially calculated, and if the centrifugal force is smaller than the force of Earth's gravity, it would end up a disaster - people would fall out of their cabins.

Exactly the same is the case with the Moon. The force that keeps the moon "escape" when the rotation is the force of attraction of the Earth. But the force that keeps the moon from falling on the Earth is the centrifugal force that occurs when the rotation of the moon around the Earth. Turning around the Earth, the Moon moves in an orbit with a speed of 1 km/sec, that is quite slow, so as not to leave its orbit and "fly" in space, but fast enough not to fall to the Ground.

By the way...

You will be surprised, but actually the Moon... moving away from earth at a speed of 3-4 cm per year! The movement of the moon around the Earth can be represented as a slowly unwinding spiral. The reason for this trajectory of the moon is the Sun, which attracts the moon 2 times stronger than Earth.

Why the Moon does not fall into the Sun? And because the Moon along with the Earth rotates, in turn, around the Sun, and the magnetic action of the Sun without a remainder is spent constantly to translate both of these bodies from the straight path on a curved orbit.


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2014-04-23 20:38:51
"I'm going to close this page because it is not . The moon holds in space weightlessness!"
2014-03-16 08:18:59
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Dangerous 110
2013-11-16 11:27:58
Oh,it's a breeze. I know. The moon does not fall because it attracts the earth. Just as the sun attracts the earth.
2013-11-13 21:23:20
The moon will not fly and not fall to the Ground
because the orbit of the moon is correct
2013-11-12 19:40:17
Hello. I don't agree with this answer to the question (IMHO). I think, it is not possible to keep a balance between the force of attraction of two bodies and the centrifugal force of the moon relative to the earth (it is worth considering (fundamentally)that the earth is not rigidly fixed object). The balance is not possible even in laboratory conditions, and to the imbalance of the two objects is influenced by other bodies (Mars, Venus, Saturn and so on). The principle of mutual repulsion more rational and logically explains why all the planets (like magnets) not trying to unite into one. Don't forget that with all this, the earth and other planets do not Vratsa around the Sun and move it (for some reason) along the orbit of the Sun (225-250 million years). All data check on Wikipedia...
the most beautiful
2013-10-20 12:34:39
I really liked
2013-06-02 02:07:42
Well if that was the case, but on the earth and the moon daily drop tons of meteorites, their weight is not much, but is growing every day, hence the force of attraction increases to balance: the moon should be accelerated, and on the contrary it must rotate about the space of the body, because it has no atmosphere, they can't burn, and hit her. Anyway is it possible to build a similar model of the magnets, or on the space station? I think not.
2013-02-21 18:53:21
it is not clear to me now told that the moon falls on our atmosphere does not give the moon to fall to the ground
2012-12-27 02:19:55
This is not quite true. This is normal ,not a complete classical description. Because artificial satellites fly at lower altitude and also not fall. But the gravitational forces of the moon is not enough, far however. Yes, and if it would be all so simple then the moon Seregno would be faced with earth. This would happen when the moon is ahead of the earth and flies her to the front( by the way, where did all this energy?!) . Get at this time the moon is gaining speed as the earth does not attract and not repel the moon, i.e. dargie it on "rails".
The electrons revolve around their nuclei and not fly away but did not fall. If it tolllike with the centrifugal force+force of gravity is connected, the light around the beater would be not very stable. Think about it , Patrese cucumber you would thereby narusai balance between its atoms and he would razvalina particles.
Modern physics has only one explanation . There is a dark mass and dark energy. Dark because to siih or who haven't seen them. But they make up 97% of our existence. This is physics.
2012-12-16 17:50:20
it is not very clear

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