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Consensus about what the word derives from the Russian word "corn", no. Now what are the version.

1. The word "corn" comes from the Spanish word "cucurucho", which means "paper bag, the tie".

2. The Russian name "corn" is borrowed from Romanian language and translates as... "fir cone"!

3. Name corn Turkish origin. In Turkey, the plant is called "kokoroz", i.e. high plant.

Perhaps the most plausible is the latest version, as with corn, the peoples of Russia met in the years of the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-1774, when Russia seized the Crimea. Corn in Russia at first called Turkish wheat.

Did you know that...

The birthplace of maize in Central and South America, where this culture was cultivated since ancient times. The Mayans called this plant is maize. So it is called in America still. Yes and in most countries of the world, maize is known by its ancient name, which gave him the Indians. In Europe, corn was introduced in 1496, by Christopher Columbus after his return from his second voyage to the shores of America. Then by sea mais hit in the Front and East Asia (including Turkey). The Turkish name of corn in a somewhat modified form entrenched in Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, which from the fourteenth century to the sixteenth century was ruled by the Ottoman Turks. In these countries, the plant itself is called maize in Romania corn is called only on the cob.


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