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The appearance of the uniforms in the Navy initially was due to her military assignment in boarding combat it was very important to distinguish its sailors and soldiers from enemy soldiers. As the technical development of vehicles and weapons, fight gone. National differences in the shape of the sailors lost their former value, in the first place came hygiene service and the convenience of wearing and handling on the ship. This is the main reason of the similarity of the sailor's service in different countries, so for the last hundred years sailor's form remained almost unchanged.

Sailor Prevailing sea-blue shape - black, blue and white - came from the following considerations. About a hundred years in the Navy predominant type of ship was the ship with the accompanying coal dust. Black woolen coat , small amounts of coal dust was not afraid, at the same time, in long voyages under the hot sun it was convenient to be in a light white clothing. And, finally, blue collar to match the color of the sea, was the highlight of sailor's clothes, her calling card, appropriate for any occasion from the parade to the funeral. As well as the flag adorns the mast wishy-washy colour grey vehicle, guys decorated sailor form, animates it and makes the most of a sailor bold, resourceful, honest.

Modern marine uniform for enlisted and officers finally established in 1951. It consists of shirt, trousers and hat.

The shirt and pants of the modern Russian Navy blue cotton fabric. Decoration sailor shirt is a great collar blue with white stripes along the edge (GUIs). Its history is quite fascinating. In ancient times sailors were instructed wearing powdered wigs and oiled braids made of horsehair. Braids were soiled robe and sailors punished for it. So they decided to hang under the plait leather flap. Braids in the Navy no longer wear, and leather flap turned blue collar, reminding us of old times. Lies at the sailors on the shoulders of the broad blue collar with three white stripes, blue wave with white foam without him, and the form is not form.

Of his cap was established in November 1811. But the ribbons on them appeared later in 1857. Ribbons were given to the sailors of those distant times, when sailors wore awkward wide-brimmed hats. During a storm or strong wind hat tied with scarves. Scarves sailors gave the wife, the mother of the bride They were embroidered on the scarf with gold thread in prayers, their names, joriki. Watched sailor on the gift and thought: " I am faithful to you, my beloved, as faithful anchor the ship." Many years have passed, hats became of his cap, and scarves in ribbons. In November 1872, by order of Admiral-General (head of the entire fleet and the Navy) was exactly the type of label, the size of the letters and the shape of the anchors on the tapes, as well as their length is 140 mm.

Older people remember that earlier in the ribbons of the cap can be read: "the Northern fleet, Pacific fleet, Baltic fleet and the black sea fleet". Now the custom to wear on the tapes of sailor hats the name of his ship once again revived in the Russian Navy. Like sailors their ribbons proudly wear them, if they say: " Look, glowing in gold on my ribbon the name of my ship, I've do not hide it, on the banks behave with dignity and all the anchors hold on to his ship, his crew. Any sailor to feel like ribbons of his cap waving behind him, hug the neck.

Vest - трикотажнаz underwear sweatshirt with white and blue transverse stripes. Vest, as a kind of naval service, appeared during the sailing fleet. Initially vests were made from severe leaf. In the second half of the nineteenth century on this shirt appeared blue and white stripes. This was justified by practical necessity: the sailors working on the masts wearing clothes that were visible from the deck against the sky, the sea and sailing. In addition, if a sailor fell overboard, his shirt with stripes, it was easier to find on the surface of the sea. Vest, compared with another outfit, very practical: it retains heat well, tightly hugs the body, does not interfere with the free movement during any activity, it is very convenient when washing and do not crumple. August 19, 1874 vest was officially declared a mandatory element of the marine forms for the lower ranks". It has been many years in the Navy, much has changed, but this kind of sea service "remained afloat". Many generations of Russian, Soviet, and Russian sailors, was not and can not imagine life without vests. This shirt is loved by sailors and eventually became the symbol of the sea of courage and brotherhood. The combination of the stripes on the shirt symbolizes the blue sky and white scallops traveling waves. Repeating colors Andreevsky flag "shirt" reminds the sailor on the sea and the ship. It is no coincidence the second, the informal name of this truly popularly beloved item of marine equipment, sounds good and much - "sea shower"!

Striped shirts and blue jackets appeared in the XIX century on the U.S. fleet. Then blue was the color of sailor forms and most other fleets. Hence arose and one of the nick names of the sailor - "blue jacket". Blue is a classic color forms of seafarers, adopted in all countries of the world - it symbolizes the color of the vastness of the sea.


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2014-02-22 09:57:26
Happy Holiday to all! Stripes on guise in various fleets and time were different in color and marked as belonging to one of the divisions of the fleet, and white began with the appearance of ships with steam engines and their selection (ships) in the third division. And about the victory is a sailor's legend...
2013-12-18 16:23:57
Never three strips not meant three victories. Especially in other countries at the sailors, too, three strips. Che, all that does three victory?
2013-02-19 13:56:28
And I want a tanker!And in the marine lot to serve it,more than other troops!
2012-11-11 03:24:08
hmm... and beautiful
2012-07-25 00:41:03
If 140 cm, it would have been 1m 40 cm And ribbons at 140 mm from the band develop
The so-CALLED.
2012-05-25 07:30:29
And in honor of what victories these strips?
2012-05-03 05:07:04
their length - 140 mm
Read carefully))
2012-02-08 06:17:12
Yes now on the ribbon, write only the name of the fleet and stripes on guise indicate 3 wins Navy fleet of Russia
2011-11-15 00:25:57
About guys with the latest com. I agree. It was three wins. It was originally policy,but when Peter raised the fleet won Pobedy decided to display this race, and second to distinguish from the others because they all were the same.
2011-10-30 16:17:12
Roman, good luck!

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