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Why Turkey is angry?

TurkeyTurkey is a large poultry, reaching a weight of 15 kg. Your shegelski, bright outfit they show in the mating season, and when angry or see the danger.

Spring Turkey is on the current before Turkey as a true Bon vivant. Chest pulls the ball, your head tilts back, on his back. Fleshy horn on the forehead, a long bare neck, blue and shining like precious sapphires. Swaying tail wheel, Turkey draws wings on the ground, circling around turkeys and loudly says: "Gobbel-obel-Abel...".

Angry Turkey inflate iridescent neck feathers become his end, it then dissolves, then fold the tail. Due to the fact that the earrings pawned by and beard rush blood, they become prohibitively large.

An impressive show, but should not be so much afraid. If Turkey feels that a stronger opponent he is seized, he immediately falls flat and stretches his neck, surrendering at discretion.



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