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Why geese become domesticated?

These beautiful large birds live in marshes, or near other water bodies. They are quite hardy on land: good fly and run, but as far as swimming and diving, then the geese inferior ducks. Geese live in pairs, in a fashion that is difficult to distinguish, where female and male, because the color they are very similar. Nest view right on the marsh, sometimes on trees. Going to a warm country, geese gather in large flocks.

Geese are bred and kept in the household, as this bird is easily adaptable to any conditions: you may live in a cool shed, and instead of a lake or pond satisfied by the trough or even an ordinary puddle.



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2014-01-20 23:20:09
Good !!
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Super cool. Sorry nowhere and nobody to tell about it. :(
2011-05-23 22:40:48
good post , I wrote it in school as a report
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