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Why the lizard does not value its tail?

Enemies lizards a lot, but can only protect her nimble legs and tail, with whom she parted without regret. Yes, the lizard tail needed to in moments of danger, when the enemy will grab it by the tail, get rid of it. Nothing, tail after some time will grow back, but the enemy will remain empty-handed!

To reset the tail of the lizard is not so easy. So before that, she assesses how big is the threat to her life. The process of drop tail fully regulated by the brain, and is not a reflex.

As it happens?

Tail lizardsTail lizard is the backbone of several zones connected by cartilage, ligaments, and muscles. Each zone may rupture. When threatened the muscles and ligaments in the near zone is reduced, interrupted, and the tail separated. Cut off the tail continues to shrink and move, thereby detracting attention to itself. And his former mistress at this time running away from danger.

When a lizard grows a new tail vertebrae in place of the margin is not repaired, in their place are formed cartilage. Therefore, each time the gap is higher and higher.

The tail is small lizards grows back in about a month. The larger this process requires up to one year.

Lizard with no tail is not as nimble and quick, she may lose the ability to reproduce, bad runs and climbs due to the lack of "steering". Water lizards can no longer swim and are forced to change their way of life. But most importantly, many lizards, the tail is used for accumulation of fat and nutrients, and therefore, all the energy in them is concentrated in the tail. Therefore, after its separation, the animal may die from exhaustion. So often saved the lizard tries finds its tail and eat it to regain lost strength.


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