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Why not eat raw potatoes?

Potatoesdo you Know what is in the potatoes? If you do not know, do such experiences. RUB a raw potato into mush on a grater, mix in a jar with water, strain through a cloth and allow the liquid to settle. At the bottom of the jar will be a layer of some white substance.

Drain the water, put sludge on blotting paper and let it dry. You get a white powder.

What is it? This starch, or potato flour, as they say mistress.

The starch in potatoes is a lot. But why we usually don't see? And because the potatoes the starch granules are hidden, as in a warehouse, in a small store - cells.

So to starch to get it is not so easy. For that we had potatoes rubbing with a grater. And in the stomach of this trowel no. The stomach such work is not under force.

This is why no one raw potatoes do not eat. When the potatoes are cooked, the walls of the cells from heat burst, and the water penetrates into the starch grains. From this starch grains swell, become soft. Welded on a couple of potatoes because of that, and seems to be dry, that all the water has absorbed starch grains.

Based on the book M. Ilyin "Tales of things"


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And we eat raw potatoes - is it harmful?
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