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Why does water extinguish fire?

Water extinguishes fireIf you omit the candle in the water, it will turn off. Why?

Because for burning candles in need of air. Water extinguishes fire, because it prevents air to come to the burning object.

Contact with fire, water quickly warms up and begins to evaporate into steam. It absorbs a lot of heat at the burning object.

Water vapor also prevents the flow of oxygen to the burning body, Shrouding his water cloud. Therefore, paradoxically, hot water extinguishes fire faster than cold. She quickly turns to steam, and cold need more heat. By the way, for the evaporation of water requires 5 times more energy than to heat it from 0 to the boiling point is 100 degrees.

Possible and in another way to extinguish the fire, cover it with a blanket or cover them with sand. The principle of this method is the same as in the case of fire water: a blanket or sand will not allow air to get to the fire, the fire will go out.


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