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Why gasoline cannot be extinguished with water?

Petrol refers to the class of flammable liquids. However, unlike many of combustible materials, ignition gasoline in any case do not try to extinguish, its Bay water: in this step, you risk even increase the area of combustion.

What burning items fill with water? The fact that combustion is the process of bonding of a substance with oxygen, so the main purpose of extinguishing a fire is to restrict the flow of oxygen to the burning material. The extinguishing water is overlapping access of oxygen to the burning object, as water, moistening, envelops him (and besides, the water reduces its temperature). With gasoline this will not work, because the gasoline, not mixing with the water, it is easier for her, and so just POPs up, while continuing to burn. However, he will begin to flow together with water, increasing the area of the fire.

Therefore, in order to extinguish the spilled gasoline, you need to use other methods of overlapping access of air thereto, for example, to fall asleep burning fuel with sand or earth. If possible, first you need to prevent the spread of fire: for this you need to fill the earth first, the area around the fire, and then move towards its centre. If the gasoline burned in an open tank, it is better not to throw sand - so you run the risk of it overturning, which will spill the burning of gasoline and fire propagation. Capacity with burning petrol is better to cover with a piece of thick cloth, Mat, coat or blanket.

Extinguishing gasoline
Extinguishing gasoline foam fire extinguisher:
the foam remains on the surface of the liquid and isolates it from oxygen.


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