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Why can't destroy anthills?

Simple answer: because ants are useful! But before I talk about the benefits of ants to humans and forest biocenosis, we would like to emphasize that the destruction of ant is unacceptable just as any destructive vandal actions in nature, as they disrupt the life of the forest community, violate established in nature for centuries and millennia balance. You cannot destroy bird nests. You cannot kick and trample the toadstools and other poisonous mushrooms are for you, they are poison, and for many forest dwellers - food and medicine! You cannot kill animals - frogs, snakes, lizards. You cannot contaminate the forest, take the trash (cans, plastic bags) with him, because he is very long destroys in nature (for decades!). Don't make a noise in the woods - you frighten and disturb its owners - forest dwellers.

Don't destroy anthills!

Man and without directional unwittingly sabotage causes nature damage. This is due to economic activities, which cut down the forest and killed their inhabitants. So let's treat the remaining pockets of untouched nature, because it directly affects our lives.

Jack forest red ant

Returning to the ants, you need to clearly understand that the colonies of these insects is essential to the forest fauna, they perform many ecological functions. No wonder ants called the bearers of the forest. Ants are omnivorous is a versatile predators and scavengers. Actively eating larvae of harmful insects - beetles, butterflies - they participate in the regulation of their number and the preservation of forests. For season one big ant hill forest ants kills from 100 thousand to 1 million insects. Ants are predators Compared with other insect predators, destroying pests (entomophages), ants have a significant advantage. The fact that the number of entomophages depends on the number of victims, i.e. on the quantity of food. Until the start of mass reproduction of pests, insect predators that feed on them. As soon as the pest began to multiply and the amount of food increased, the mass reproduction of predators. However, it lags usually about two weeks is the time needed in order from the eggs came larvae and then increased adult predators. During these two weeks, the pest will be able to inflict harm. Ants do not obey such laws, their number does not depend on the presence or absence of the pest - they are always at the ready.

Eating the seeds of plants, ants contribute to their spread because not all the prey they are able to carry it to the nest. Ants sometimes act as pollinators of flowers, because I love to eat and nectar. Ants contribute to the improvement of soil fertility. They mix it, saturate it with oxygen (aeronaut) and loosened to a depth of 50-70 cm, enriched with organic substances, nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. So anthills red wood ants play the role of "factory fertility": grasses, shrubs and even trees growing near the nest, grow luxuriantly. The vegetation around the anthills is an intense growth and vibrant green color.

Scientists have calculated the optimal number of ant colonies per unit area of the forest: pine is a 4 active anthill with a diameter of 1.3-1.5 m per hectare of forest, oak - 6-7 nests. Anthills of the smaller sizes should be, respectively, even more.

Muraveinik in the context ofthis is why you need to take care of the ants in the first place, their home ant - hills. The restoration of the destroyed nest robbing your family much effort and cost, and with strong damage they can not cope with this, and the family will eventually die. Despite the apparent symmetry of the ant heap, it is inside it is not: it is a huge network of mazes and chambers. Some of them go to a depth of 3-4 meters! So even a small violation of the integrity of the aerial part of an anthill (for example, when cranking the anthill with a stick) completely destroys the structure of the formic home, and its rehabilitation requires a lot of time.

Where in the forest there are many visitors, forestry workers specially wall anthills.

At the same time, it is impossible not to recognize that there are species of ants that cause harm to humans, for example, home ants. They not only eat the food, but also can be carriers of the infection. This neighborhood for a man is very unpleasant. Feeding on insects, ants can cause harm, eating and useful members of this class. Being in a symbiotic relationship with aphids and mealy mealybug pests of orchards and vegetable gardens (ants love to eat sugary liquid - pad, which emit aphids, ants protect them, protect them from predators. However, if we are talking about forest ants, here it is, as a rule, the survival of these amazing insects, and each of us must contribute to the protection and protection of forest medics. "To destroy an anthill, you ruin the house of friends," says the proverb.


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