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What birdhouses?

Spring is the season when nature comes alive, blooming trees, the animals Wake up after hibernation, and birds come from warm countries and delight us with their songs. Remembering that at this time of year our feathered friends do not have enough food and shelter, many are hung up on trees, houses for birds birdhouses. Birds in the birdhouse suit nests and raise their Chicks. Help our feathered friends - very affordable and noble task for young nature lovers.

You ask, why is it necessary? The birdhouse is nesting, which can colonize starlings, sparrows, flycatchers, sometimes woodpeckers, squirrels. So, there will be a small housing for the animals from the red book. Thus, you will help save animals that are in danger of extinction.

To hang up at their dwelling houses-birdhouses - old folk tradition. Birds living near, provide invaluable assistance to growers in the fight against insect pests. For example, one brood skvarca for 5 days can eat about 1000 may beetles and their larvae! And birds delight us, inhabitants of villages and cities, their appearance and singing.



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2014-05-20 20:55:33
Thank you!
2013-04-17 12:48:02
2012-06-01 11:45:11
Brood starlings together in a flock with other very quickly and efficiently deprive you harvest cherry, cherry, apricot, etc...
2012-05-14 12:54:22
very well said well done those who create these sites for children
2012-02-26 06:07:43
cool and interesting
2012-01-27 09:42:30
thank you very helped in d/C technology))
2012-01-15 05:39:52
Stupid question. For fun need birdhouses. Isn't it obvious?
2011-11-22 09:37:05
thank you very much))
2011-07-18 22:48:20
Thank you class!!
2011-04-20 04:56:36
thank you

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