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Why would a bee sting?

Bee stingSting is the bee for protection. It is a needle, studded with spikes, which is the tube to the bag of poison. Bee sting is quite a dangerous weapon. But the bee uses it only in the most extreme cases, because waliv she immediately dies. And this is because the sting goes into the body of a person or animal and stuck there because of saturino that it is covered. Pull it back a bee can't, it breaks away from her body together with part of the internal organs.

Bee venom in small doses for humans are not dangerous, but can be very painful. But for many bee enemies he is deadly.

If you are stung by a bee, gently, not pushing, it is necessary to remove the sting clean needle. On the site of the bite should be put cotton wool soaked in ammonia, diluted with water (1:5), or a weak, slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, or water and salt (1 teaspoon per Cup).


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2014-05-29 15:38:31
Defense mechanism in which a bee sting leaves and dies only works on large enemy. When rival her weight categories it does not sting loses, and therefore does not die.
2014-05-05 11:02:16
What is the meaning of this protective mechanism: not defended - died defended - died anyway, because it broke away the sting with the part of the authorities.
2013-06-14 18:32:38
why all these medications after a bite just need to wait a little bit and sting and so will be a slight movement of the fingers
2012-07-26 00:52:13
it stings more.
2011-06-21 04:49:23
And bees don't
And dad-his hand was badly swollen and itchy(
2011-01-23 06:34:34
they are protected by him!!
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