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Why lightning?

Zip one stroke can incinerate wood to start a fire. But people have long figured out how to protect yourself and your home from this danger. They invented the lightning rod is a metal rod, one end of which rises above the roofs of the houses, and the other wire is connected to ground. Lightning finds the shortest path strikes the rod and not causing anyone harm, goes over the wire in the ground.

Dangerous lightning, who in a storm is on a flat open place. It is not recommended during a lightning storm to seek shelter under the canopy of a lone tree: it can be the same lightning that struck by lightning.

Many are afraid of deafening thunder. But fear should not thunder and lightning. Lightning is a very strong electric spark, which runs for a few seconds in the sky a few miles away. Under the influence of this sparks the air is highly heated, and there is an explosion. It was his people and called thunder.

First we see the lightning and then hear the thunder. There is a simple explanation: the lightning comes to us with the speed of light, which is many times greater than the speed of sound.

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Brazen Sprat
2013-09-22 01:14:07
So he's sort of right is called the lightning rod? Why many people say "lightning rod", if it is the zipper pulls?
2012-12-21 10:15:15
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