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Why would a man of worldly wealth?

Minerals have a huge impact on our lives. For example, special sand make glass, which is used to make utensils. Watches, machine tools, Railways, automobiles, airplanes, ships made of different metals: iron, lead, titanium, Nickel. These metals smelted from ores, which are minerals. To operate the aircraft, cars, ships need fuel - gasoline, kerosene. And here again come to the aid of the riches of the Earth, as gasoline, kerosene and other flammable substances are made from oil, which is extracted from the bowels of the Earth. Is pumped out of the ground and gas, which, passing gas, enters the apartment, heats and "feeds" the people. A huge advantage to the person brings and coal mining, which is widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, power engineering.

Cm. also minerals


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2011-03-25 09:29:02
cool) thank you very much) helped to write an essay))
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