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Why should I drink water?

Why can't we live without water?the seemingly Simple question. So simple, that it seems, and there is no need to ask.

And will ask - and it turns out that out of ten people only one knows why drink water.

You say I drink water because they want to.

Why did you want?

Because without water you cannot live.

And can't live because we water all the time spent and we need to replenish her stock.

Crazy physics here on the cold glass. The glass will fog up, covered with droplets of water.

Where did the water? From your body.

Or, say, you on a hot day sweating.

Where did sweat? Again from the same place - from the body.

And if you consume water, you lose, you have from time to time to compensate for its consumption.

Night person loses as many as 12 cups of water. So much he had to drink or eat.

And don't water it?

Yes, eat. Meat, vegetables, bread in every meal a lot more water than solid material, meat three times more water than solids, and cucumber, that consists almost entirely of water.

Yes and you water almost as much as green cucumber. If you weigh 40 pounds, 35 pounds of water and only 5 pounds of solid material.

The body of an adult contains less water: about three quarters of the weight.

You ask:

- Why don't people spread across the floor like jelly?

The thing that is not so important, what built the thing. Most importantly - how it is built.

If we look at under the microscope a piece of meat or a cucumber, we will see many cells filled with juice. The juice that comes from the cells because they are on all sides closed. That's the secret.

Hence, water is the main material from which to build our body.

It is not surprising, therefore, that man can long survive without food, but without water we cannot live a few days.

Based on the book by Mikhail Ilyin "Tales of things"


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