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Why fly rubs paws?

If you've seen fly tert legs, surely you wondered why she does it. Most likely, you think that when a fly tert legs, she cleans them.

And you are absolutely right!

Fly, cleaning pads
Fly, cleaning pads

And why does she do it? Do fly, the carrier of many infections and bacteria, is actually neat?

The end of the Muszyna feet (an increase of 275 times).
Between the two large hooks visible cushion with
small bristles that produce a sticky liquid.
Photo: Trevor A. Minning, Source:

Not quite so. Fly really clears away the dirt from their feet, but not for reasons of hygiene.

The fact that the foot flies ends with two pads - poolville. Poolville covered with fine setae. These bristles secrete a sticky liquid consisting of a mixture of carbohydrates and fats. Sticky secret (liquid) setae holds a fly on the smooth surface by the force of capillary attraction.

By studying the traces of flies walking on clean surfaces, scientists have found that they are identical in form to the pads on the ends of the legs. Chemical analysis of the traces showed that they consist of fats. Despite the fact that the fat itself is slippery, it promotes adhesion of hairs and smooth surface such as glass. The reason is the large surface tension of the fat. If foot flies to degrease, dropping them for a short time in hexane, then fly for a while loses the ability to move on the glass surface will begin to slide.

Of course, when a fly crawling on a variety of surfaces, sticky pads and the bristles of her legs going dirt. To the bond pads with the surface when the crawling is not deteriorated because of this, fly regularly performs "toilet" all six feet, clearing them from the adhered particles of debris.

By the way...

On polvillo, in addition, flies are short bristles - organs of touch and taste. That is a fly feels taste first... feet, and only then proboscis and sucking blades! And fly 100-200 times better analyzes food kicks than human language.


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2014-04-14 19:09:34
I advise you to watch an Indian movie 'the fly', Nitsche so in comparison with some garbage
2013-10-12 20:46:04
The same bullshit. One (zdorovia such plate) fly just beginning to fly from one place to another, and at the same place! Will sit on the window sill, posuit... And how come nose to fly, jugate, wings waving, fat to distribute! Then again, will sit on the wall where recently marked the spot and if waiting. Spy pancake-eyed.
2013-07-28 09:40:27
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