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Why launch artificial satellites?

Artificial satellites - this aircraft, man-made and displayed in near-earth orbit.

The first spacecraft launched in the Soviet Union on 4 October 1957 and called it an artificial satellite.

The first satellite
The Assembly of the first artificial Earth satellite

Then artificial satellites were launched by the U.S. and other countries.

Today, artificial satellites placed in orbit of the Earth or other planets. Now around the globe flies them a huge amount. Different shape, weight, they do lots of work.

  • Satellites communications help to watch television, make phone calls, connect to the computers; this is done by a relay (i.e. receive and further transmit) radio signals between two points on the earth's surface, between which there is no direct line of sight
  • Satellites-navigators help the ship to make the voyage. Satellite GPS navigation system helps in any weather to determine the location of objects. Using the GPS built into mobile phones, PDAs, and automotive computers anyone can determine their location and get directions with regard to road signs, to look at a map he needed houses and streets, etc.
  • The satellites have been monitoring the weather change and explore the Earth's climate. Their messages meteorologists make weather forecasts.
  • Satellites reconnaissance (spy satellites) are able to take pictures of objects on the Earth high-definition video, listen to the communication system, to carry out surveillance.
  • Research satellites help in the research and study of magnetic field and radiation environment on our planet, they are used in geodesy, cartography and tectonics.
  • On biasputih conducted biological experiments, using solved the most technical problems of Astronautics (e.g., satellites of this type were worked out various ways to protect astronauts from radiation, hazardous to health and life).
  • Astronomical satellites to explore the Solar system planets and their satellites, and galaxies and other space objects.


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