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Why do people fly into space?

Today, when many tasks on the earth's orbit is performed by robots, and interplanetary flights are fully automatic, many are asking: why should we send into space people, risking their lives, if instead, all the work can perform automatic station?

All, but not all!

Satellites and orbital stations do a lot of work in space. However, it is only a machine, and machine maintenance. Often during the operation of spacecraft emergency situation arise that cannot be resolved with the help of machines you want to connect human hands and intellect. For example, this happened with automatic orbital Observatory Hubble. In the first weeks after its launch, scientists have discovered a defect in the optical system due to an error technique during installation. Replace the mirror in orbit turned out to be impossible, and to keep the telescope on the Ground - too expensive and time consuming. Then we developed a special adjustment device, and the installation of this device was, of course, people - members of the first expedition to service Hubble.

By the way, the design of the Hubble initially assumes the service orbiting produced during EVAs with spacecraft reusable. All were four expeditions to service the Hubble telescope (one of them was divided into two departure): first, in 1993, the second in 1997 and 1999, the third in 2003, the fourth in 2006, Participants in these expeditions carried out repair works on Board and modernization of equipment.

Human participation is necessary not only to fix the orbital machines. The number of tasks assigned to the International space station (ISS), also impossible without the participation of the people, namely, scientific research. It is the study of biological processes in weightlessness, the testing of new pharmaceutical technologies, testing new materials and devices for operation in space.

However, we need to honestly acknowledge that the debate about the need to send people into space and are among specialists. Many of them fair notice that many of the scientific research conducted on the ISS, can be performed on the Ground in the artificial conditions of weightlessness, and the rest do not have priority" (Professor Robert Park) and their level corresponds to the level coursework of the first courses of the Institute (Yu Karash). Opponents of manned flights resemble their expensiveness.

Their opponents argue that the practice of manned flights need to constantly at the very least, not to lose the experience of such flights. In addition, almost all recognize that among the reasons why you should study the cosmos in the first place is a natural human desire to understand our world and to expand the habitat. Humanity wants to fly to Mars, but not yet ready for it. If such flight will finally become possible, it will happen not earlier than in 10-15 years. And if we now turn the program of manned flights, then when it is needed for interplanetary flights, have to start almost from scratch.

That's why manned space flight will continue!

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