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The teeth should be brushed in order to keep them healthy.

Nowadays there is a widespread disease of the teeth called cavities. The tooth decay is the destruction of tooth enamel. When destruction comes to education holes, bad tooth begins to make themselves known pain in response to the passage of hot and cold food, sweet, salty and sour food. If the patient does not want to treat tooth decay, it all ends with the removal of the tooth.

Regular brushing helps to prevent caries, and here's why.

Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body. On the strength of it is only slightly inferior to the diamond! But, despite this fantastic strength, tooth enamel eroded by acid, as you probably heard, and seen in commercials, because it's at 96% of minerals. This, of course, does not mean that the tooth enamel is destroyed from acidic foods, otherwise we are all in his youth would be left without teeth. No food acid (acetic, citric, lactic, malic, etc.) are not able to destroy our teeth.

In the destruction of the teeth involved are quite different acids. In the grooves and pits of the teeth crammed bacteria that eat our food and contribute to the formation of plaque. In the process of fermentation of carbohydrates by bacteria, and are acids that are dangerous to teeth enamel formic, propionic, butyric and other. They cause leaching of minerals from teeth.

Stronger is the fermentation of sucrose, which is contained in large quantities in sweet foods. Our bodies can cope with high acidity on the surface of the tooth - it will neutralize the acid with the help of saliva. But the more sweets you eat, the more is formed plaque. Plaque is the result of the layering of bacteria on the tooth surface. In addition to microbes, it contains water (80-85%), organic matter (proteins, lipids, polysaccharides) and some minerals.

Plaque also harmful because it can cause bad breath, unpleasant taste in the mouth, and is the basis for the formation of Tartar.

With regular and proper brushing we will remove plaque and prevent tooth decay no chance!

Remember that it's not how often you brush your teeth, and how carefully you clean them. You can brush your teeth at least ten times a day, but if you do it somehow, the advantage of this cleaning will be no.

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