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Appendix (vermiform Appendix) is a hollow tube with a length of about 8-15 cm and a diameter of about 1 cm, extending from the lower end of the cecum and closed with the other hand. In other words, it is "blind" tube, which does not lead anywhere. Is the Appendix at the beginning of the large intestine in the lower part of the abdomen, on the right.

The structure of the colon
The structure of the human colon

Vermiform process there are many rodents, herbivores, some carnivores, monkeys and humans.

The human vermiform process recently was considered a useless body. In 30-ies of XX century even introduced the practice to remove the vermiform process for all children. And it turned out that was totally in vain. Children who for no reason had removed the Appendix, lagged behind peers in physical and mental development. And in General, people from "accidentally" removed the bungs more likely to suffer a variety of diseases. Why is this happening, find out then failed.

Today it is known that in humans, the Appendix does not take part in the digestive process, while in the intestine. Bacteria that live in it, support a healthy gut microflora. The Appendix serves as a kind of incubator of such bacteria, "safe house" for them.

In the wall of the vermiform process are lymphoid aggregations, such as the tonsils in the throat. Therefore it is often called "intestinal amygdala". In lymphoid accumulations are cells that plays an important immune function. That is, the Appendix is actively involved in all defense reactions of the body.

Especially responds quickly this process on inflammatory disorders in the caecum and the entire gastrointestinal tract. But it is this feature makes vermiform process vulnerable place. If lymphoid tissue frequently and intensively to work, the walls of the Appendix to swell, and the content in it is delayed and inflammation - appendicitis. First suppuration of the mucosa, and then all layers of the wall of the Appendix. If develops appendicitis, the vermiform process have to be removed surgically. The delay in operation threatens severe complications and even death.

Previously it was thought that the Appendix is inflamed due to hit it hard not digested particles, for example, husk seeds, etc. This misconception! The opening of the Appendix is too small to hold small particles of food is only 1-2 mm.

Modern experts believe that the cause of acute appendicitis are the eating habits of modern man, as well as allergies. Oddly enough, but before appendicitis were rare, and is generally a relatively "young" disease.


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2013-06-07 22:36:40
need to be afraid of life, not death.
2013-05-24 22:52:03
And I had complications of appendicitis...
2012-12-25 22:55:31
all clear!
the child howcast
2012-12-13 20:24:17
O Lord my God, how terrible to live 8(
2012-12-02 21:34:42
It is curious. Just the large intestine anatomy pass)
2012-09-28 14:25:58
I cut apendices in 11 years I u I had complications when cutting apendicitis had no idea that you could die!
2012-08-30 12:25:23
I have removed appendicitis.
2012-05-15 05:44:22
now I understood what APPENDIX

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