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Honey vital bees for food, especially in winter.

Let's talk about feeding bees more.

For the production of honey bees collect nectar from the flowers. As the nectar contains a lot of water, bees need to work hard to dry it. Remove excess water from the nectar is achieved by evaporation, which occurs due to the heat and ventilation in the hive. And even bees add in honey enzymes from their own bodies to transform the nectar in the food and not let it deteriorate. Honey bees put in honeycombs to ripen. During maturation young bees several times to pass the nectar from one cell to the other, each time adding his saliva. Aging honey lasts 8-10 days. After the honey is ready, bee closes ("seals") the cell with a thin layer of wax to prevent fermentation. This honey bee is used as a food as needed.

Bees make honey in Addition to nectar, the bees collect from plants pollen, which their protein feed. Lumps of bee pollen also put in a cell honeycomb, stamp them, and on top pour honey. This product is called ambrosia. Ambrosia - a source of protein nutrition bee family.

Thus, bees feed on liquid food (nectar and honey) and solid (pollen).

If nectar is not enough, for example, in the dry summer, the bees begin producing honey is not from the nectar of flowering plants, and sweet secretions of certain insects - aphids, listblock, scale insects (bees collect the allocation of the leaf surface of plants) and from the honeydew and sugary substances of some plants, such as lime, fir, spruce, oak, willow, maple, Apple, hazel, larch, aspen, elm, pine, rose, pear, plum. This honey is called Turkish honeydew.

Turkish honeydew honey is not less valuable than floral, but, unfortunately, it is not suitable as a winter food for bees because of the high content of mineral salts.

Because people breeding bees, takes them some honey for their needs, then to bees in the winter is not weakened or even died from hunger, beekeepers feed them sugar syrup.



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