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To transmit a message, the ancient people used the drawings. Scientists have discovered the whole picture carved in stone by ancient people. Such paintings have people tried to capture the different events of his life. Over time, people made from drawings like ABC. Ancient Egyptians each picture meant a word. For example, drawing the sun read: "sun"painted legs - read "go" or "go", and maybe "soon come"... in short, this alphabet was not very comfortable. Gradually, the figures began to replace the icons. And 4 years ago was born the alphabet, which consisted of letters. Gradually, this alphabet was moved to the ancient Phoenicians, then appeared in Ancient Greece, then to Rome, Bulgaria, and from there alphabetic letter reached Russia. It happened 1 thousand years ago.


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2014-05-26 12:10:47
2014-03-31 22:11:04
so in princei normally only would have done a bit clearer
2014-03-10 08:38:32
at least photo added. I agree with Adina.
2013-09-26 22:47:12
class,thank you,now I understand!
Adina maratkyzy
2013-05-22 21:50:59
Now all understand!!
2013-01-20 15:55:02
I still didn't understand anything
Adina maratkyzy
2011-04-02 14:09:09
the answer is neither very clear. why ABC first fell to the Phoenicians! And HOW did SOMA the ABC ,who after all invented the alphabet, why letters. when ABC came in Kazakhstan!!
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