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Who lives on the Titanic?

For more than 100 years that a giant ocean liner Titanic, which sank 1912, conducted at a depth of about 4 miles, it occupied 24 species. This deep-water corals, sea anemones, crabs, fish and, of course, the bacteria that play a significant role in corrosion processes that occur on the sunken ship. It is their job due to the formation of large stalactites" of rust covering the side of the "Titanic". When in 1991 the samples of these "stalactites" were brought to the surface and examined, they discovered a new species of bacteria, which was named in honor of the "Titanic" - Halomonas titanicae. These bacteria gain energy due to the fact that oxidizes iron (convert ferrous iron to ferric, i.e. rust).

P.F. On the ship died 1513 people, but human remains on the ship now not to find as sea water and marine organisms quickly decompose not only the soft tissue, and bones of the skeleton.

Tour of the wreck of the "Titanic"

(Photo by RMS Titanic, Inc., via Associated Press)

Titanic on the ocean floor

Two piston engine of a height of a four-storey house resulted in the movement of the propellers of the Titanic.

The iron hull of the Titanic eats rust

One of the screws sunken ship lying at the bottom of the ocean

The submersibles Mir-1 covers the railing on the Titanic

The hole in the right side of the hull is the result of the collision of the Titanic with an iceberg


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