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Who invented LEGO?

The father of the popular children's designer was OLE kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, who in 1932 created a company for the production of wooden toys. The task that faced by the employees of the company (initially it consisted of only 7 people), is to create toys that develop the imagination, ingenuity and creativity of the child.

The name "LEGO" comes from two Danish words "leg" and "godt" (pleasure). In 1947, for the production of toys company of Christiansen began to use plastic. Along with the usual toys were manufactured constructors. First it were the sets consisting of easily connecting building elements. Gradually, as the designers were improved, and the game itself was complicated. Soon the sets were accompanied by instructions that help you collect a variety of models: houses, castles, entire cities, trains and cars.


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2014-04-07 15:33:14
Uvazhuha this man, he is a real good fellow. I obajau to collect LEGO.
2013-12-31 15:40:02
cool man, this OLE kirk Christiansen. RESPECT AND UVAZHUHA!!
2011-09-01 09:24:13
David, he died in 1958, did not live a month to 67 th birthday.
2011-09-01 06:59:52
sodetel alive?
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