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Who made the first voyage around the world?

Ferdinand Magellan title=This brave man was the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan.

In August 1519 from Seville Harbor set off the first world expedition of five ships. Approved and sent her on her way with the Spanish king Charles I (at home, in Portugal, the plan Magellan was rejected). In the case of good luck Spain could claim the right to open new land. The path of the expedition lay in the South-West across America in the direction of the Molucca Islands.

The journey was not easy. Not once subordinate Magellan tried to organize a rebellion to return to Spain.

Flotilla long moved along the East coast of the South American continent in search of an exit in the "South sea" When they reached the southern tip of the continent, the fleet encountered a deep Bay. Ships cautiously moved forward, paving the way among the maze of winding passages. The shore seemed quite deserted, but in the darkness of night, on the southern shore of the Strait suddenly lit lights fires. That is why Magellan call this country Fiery earth as its discoverer.

Passing between Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego on the Strait, which is now called Magellan, the mariners went out into the Pacific ocean.

Strait of Magellan
The Strait of Magellan

Within three months they could not see land, food supplies and drinking water ended. The ships began a hunger and scurvy. The sailors had to eat ship rats and chew bullish skin, from which was made the trim of the sails, in order to somehow appease hunger. Crew lost 21 people who died from exhaustion. The expedition was plagued with misfortune. When, finally, the travelers reached the land (these were the Philippine Islands) and were able to stock up on food and water, Magellan, its trouble, got involved with the internecine strife of the local rulers and was killed in battle by the natives on April 27, 1521.

Only one ship after three years returned from a voyage - "Victoria". Under the command of H. C. Elcano he completed the swim in 1522. Surviving members of the crew were greeted with honor and triumph as the participants of the first world circumnavigation.

The path of the voyage of Magellan
The path of the voyage of Magellan

The value of the voyage of Magellan is difficult to overestimate.

First, their round-the-world voyage he proved the sphericity of the Earth.

Secondly, the expedition of Magellan gave a presentation about the relative sizes of land and sea on the globe.

Thirdly, Magellan proved that between America and Asia stretches the great ocean. He gave this ocean called the Pacific, which we still use. And the title of this he chose, because in the space of four months sailing on the ocean, he was lucky never to meet the storm.

In addition, he proved the existence on our planet one of the oceans.



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