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BonobosRussian translation of the word "Primate" means "first". The Primate is so named because in it there is the most highly organized animals - monkeys. Most of their lives in the dense forest thickets. Unlike other arboreal animals, which when climbing cling sharp claws, Primate grasping the branch long, well-developed fingers. The front and hind limbs of primates first (big) toe may be opposed to the others. This allows the monkeys to be put firmly on the branches, take your fingers most small items.

On the question of what kinds of monkeys belong to the group of humanoid, many people answer without hesitation: "Chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan". But about our existence much more of a close relative, the Bonobo, or pygmy chimpanzee, few people know. And this despite the fact that the set of genes bonobos coincides with the set of human genes by 98%!



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