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Koala Koala, or marsupial bear, and if like the bear, it is rather neat plush prototype - tight body, big head, huge hairy ears; the fur is dense, long, ashen. Koala most of the time shrugs on trees, getting their food. During the day the animal is sleeping, hiding in the dense foliage at the top of the tree, and at night, climbs trees, looking for food - the leaves of certain species of eucalyptus trees.

In the leaves of eucalyptus contains many harmful substances, and very little protein, much less than the quantity that is required for functioning of the body Koala. But they solved this problem thanks to its thick intestine, which continues the digestion of coarse fibers of the leaves of eucalyptus. These animals overdeveloped cecum, which reaches a length of 2.4 meters! The process of metabolism in the Koala occurs twice slower than in the bodies of other animals, and this reduces the need for protein and energy. This is why the Koala is so slow.

The unique structure of fingers at the Koala is such that the thumb and the index can be opposed to the others, and this allows the Koala to grasp branches of trees, as mites.

Due to the fact that the Koala is so picky about food, they are difficult to contain in zoos. Zoos or grown eucalypts for Koala specifically, either imported eucalyptus leaves from other countries.


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