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Mantis is an insect predator. Bogomolov there are more than 2 thousand species (some of them are under protection); they live mostly in the tropics and subtropics. The body length of the mantis can reach 11 see mantises Eat insects, in rare cases, can attack the lizards or birds. This insect is called the praying mantis because of the interesting pose, in which he puts his front paws together as if to pray.

Actually the legs on the chest mantis folds, of course, not for prayer. In this position he still can sit for hours, waiting for prey. The head of this insect movable spines on the anterior pair of legs form a powerful grasping apparatus. Such feet are very comfortable to grab and hold food, even if she has a fierce resistance. Knowing his strength, mantis even not in a hurry at lunch time, eat slowly and with pleasure. He is considered one of the most ruthless and voracious predators among insects. People associated with agriculture, it is loved because it helps to rid the land from harmful insects.

Mantis is an outstanding master of disguise. When he sits perfectly still, then merges with the plant, on which he settled, and notice it is very difficult.

Most insects possess the kind of color that allows them to blend in with the environment or, on the contrary, warns them of toxicity. Such insects often imitate the weaker species. This phenomenon is called mimicry. Some try to hide, others scare.

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