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Honeybees in natural living conditions in the hollows of trees. While the domestic bees live in special houses - hives. A bee colony is called a swarm. In every family there is the Queen bee - the female lay eggs. In the hive living and working bees. They are cleaning house, caring for the larvae, they collect pollen and nectar. After mating, the young female returns to the nest, and the old together with the part of the worker bees fly to a new place, where they build a new nest.

The biggest enemy of bees hornet. This is a large insect, which itself feeds on bees and feeds them to his posterity. It is estimated that during the day one hornet 35-40 kills bees from one hive! When the villain gets into the nest, the bees rush to the defense of his home: a few hundred bees stuck to the hornet to destroy it. Hornet dies after 5 minutes after you are inside the bee ball. However, Roy does not fly for 5-10 minutes to ensure death of the enemy.

As bees kill the hornet? Because the sting of the hornet bee - sting did not pierce his strong chitin. More recently it was believed that bees stuck to the hornet, forming a ball, and start to vibrate the belly, thereby improving the temperature inside this ball, and the hornet dies from overheating. However, it later emerged that this weapon is not enough to quickly destroy the hornet. The temperature inside the "bee ball" does not rise above 46 degrees Celsius, while the hornets are able to stay alive for 10 minutes at 47 degrees. But the fact is that a large role in the strangulation of the hornet is also carbon dioxide: its concentrate inside bee ball grows very quickly.

Hornet eating a bee Hornet eating a bee
Hornet eating a bee "Bee ball"


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2014-04-03 03:39:09
The picture on the hornet is very similar to the wasp. And what about bumblebee?
Igor from Lviv
2013-06-19 14:35:26
Dilnaz: "...I hate insects".
And honey love? And products made of natural silk?
2013-01-16 20:08:41
AA!!Muck what!pictures!Fuu an abomination!I hate insects!
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