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Who on earth all the stronger?

With yellowed photos and posters look at us, daring whiskered fellows, dressed in funny shape of the late nineteenth century or the beginning of the past twentieth century. In the mighty poured muscles felt amazing power, it is clear that heavy dumbbells for these heroes are like children's toys. It is a famous Russian wrestlers, about the glorious victories which told many writers, for example, Alexander Kuprin.

For us it is not so easy to imagine that in that distant time competitions of professional wrestlers, as a rule, did not take place in gyms and arenas circuses. And that wrestlers toured different cities and countries, as in our days of vaudeville performers. But it was, halls and circuses was always filled to capacity and in Moscow, and Odessa, and in Paris.

Ivan Poddubny
Was particularly famous in those days, Ivan Poddubny. His name became a household word: Poddubny compared to any very strong person. In his younger years, future famous athlete worked as a stevedore in Feodosia, Sevastopol, thanks to its power, even among very strong friends. AC 1897, at 26 years of age, he began performing in the circus arena as a professional wrestler and athlete-kettlebell lifter - at that time the wrestlers, to the delight of the audience, competed in weight lifting.

But kettlebells kettlebells, and among the fighters of equal opponents of Poddubny, we can assume, was not. In the first decade of the twentieth century, it almost invariably became the biggest winner of world championship wrestling professionals. Acted Poddubny for... forty years. Toured abroad, visited 14 countries, and for all time in his career he lost a few fights.

World renown gained and other Russian professional wrestlers. And one of them, a student of Ivan Poddubny Zaikin, became famous not only on the wrestling Mat, but also as one of the first Russian aviators. Having studied Aeronautics in Paris, he performed demonstration flights on the airplane in many cities of Russia. Well, as a fighter Zaikin has performed in Europe, America, Africa and even Australia, and everywhere his speech was a huge success.

Ivan Zaikin
However, who wouldn't? Russian professional wrestlers of those years was known as the strongest on the planet, and the struggle has always been one of the most popular sports. And one of the most ancient: it is a fight between two fighters who of them is stronger, and the spirit of the race has long been characteristic of the man. Who is stronger, was vividly interested in not only the fighters, but the audience watching them fight.

By the way, very exciting, even the history of the struggle. How, when and where it became a sport? What are the types of combat sports? And here's another interesting question: what kind of struggle became Champions of the Russian heroes of the late XIX - early XX century? Here with him and start...

It turns out, on posters, programs, competitions, in newspaper reports of Ivan Poddubny and Ivan Zaikin styled Champions of the French struggle. What kind of fight is this? Modern sports such seemingly knows the competition is held in Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, judo, there are also sports Sambo...

However, the question will reply later, but for now remember that different peoples of the world had long existed different types of wrestling on belts, sashes, with sweeps, grabs - but more often aim at the fighters pursued the same: to put the opponent on both blades.

It was the ancient Greek athletes, highly respected and cultivated struggle. All the Greek city-States, starting from the VIII century BC, built special rooms for wrestling, called palestra. Wrestling competitions were necessarily involved in the program of the ancient Olympic games. Wrestlers competed according to certain rules, the representation of which can be obtained in many ancient sources. The athletes were able to capture each other not below the belt, were banned sweeps, kicks, it was impossible to grasp the hands of the legs of the opponent...

Many centuries later, when the world once again began to revive sports, of course, the struggle could not be one of the most popular sports. However, in different countries, the revival of her was different. In France, for example, in the late XVIII - early XIX century for the sample was taken as the time of the ancient struggle. It is in France were to be the first wrestling - first Championships individual cities, then all of France, finally, and the world Championships, which was attended by fighters from other countries. Formulated the first official rules of combat, followed by France, it has spread in many countries, including Russia.

Where were first defined in its rules and where the first held the world Championships, this struggle, "cut" on the ancient prototypes, became known as French. In this form of wrestling and played the famous Russian professional wrestlers that have plagued the world with her powers. The name "French wrestling" has existed for quite a long time. But in parallel with it, in memory of the ancient Olympic games appeared and other Greco-Roman wrestling. The fact that for many centuries the Greek Olympic games with the inevitable competition fighters were already under the dominion of Ancient Rome.

Greco-Roman wrestling
Under this name, this kind of struggle in 1896 was included in the Olympic programme of the new time, revived by Pierre de Coubertin. Unfortunately, neither Ivan Poddubny, no other Russian fighters to participate in the first new Olympic games did not have: they were, I must repeat, not Amateurs, and professionals, and received for his performances considerable fees. And at the dawn of the modern Olympic games to them was allowed only Amateur athletes...

However, adventures with the name of this type of struggle continued. In our country, for example, it has long been known as a classic struggle and only recently has it become known as Greco-Roman. Be that as it may, now, as you know, wrestling competitions happen at the circus arena, and in the gym, on a special Mat measuring 12 by 12 meters. The entire game consists of two periods of three minutes each.

The clear winner, which is called carcass, wins the one who forced the opponent to touch the carpet with both blades. If for all the time bout none of the wrestlers to do so failed, the winner is the one who has scored the greater number of points awarded by the judges for the successful and effective implementation techniques.

Well, what other kind of struggle? Wrestling, unlike Greco-Roman, was born in England. Even the name can be seen that in this struggle athletes allowed many techniques that are not in classic view. Here valid sweeps, grabs his legs, flips.

However, as in the classic struggle, the opponent should be forced to touch the carpet with both blades, or to gain more points.

Another type of modern wrestling is judo. She comes from a famous Japanese system of physical training and self-defense JIU-jitsu. Wrestlers perform in kimono with free belt, no shoes, and fights are on special mats - mats.

In judo allowed armlock, but to conduct them only hands, but also suffocating grips. To win it for 30 seconds to keep the opponent pinned with his back to the Mat or to force him to surrender to pain or a rear naked choke. Victory in judo can be clean (IPPON), complex (shohachi"), on points (waza-Ari"), with a slight advantage ("waza-Ari Nicolai vase"). Interestingly, despite the rather harsh techniques used in this kind of struggle, the word "Ju" means in Japanese softness, and "up" is the way...

Alexander Karelin
And do we now have in Russia worthy heirs of the famous Russian fighters who a century ago? Immediately comes to mind Alexander Karelin, a renowned champion in the same Greco-Roman wrestling. This athlete is included in the top 25 athletes of the world of the twentieth century. In this list, his name is adjacent to such sports stars as a soccer player Pele, boxer Mohammed Ali, gymnast Larisa Latynina. In 1988 he started a unique winning streak Russian fighter: during the 12 years he never lost a single tournament. Moreover, in fights with his opponents had won only the minimum number of points, else he would not allow. In these 12 years Karelin three times Olympic champion, 9 time won the world Championships 12 times was achieved victory at the European Championships 13 times won the national Championships. However, the titles here were different - USSR champion, the champion of the CIS, Russian champion...

Only in the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney came the sensation. Few doubted that the great wrestler will become a four-time Olympic champion. But... the sport is sport, and in Sydney in an instant world celebrity became an American wrestler Roll Gardner. His victory over Karelin was not expecting anyone, including himself. No wonder American wrestler then quite frankly told reporters: "Karelin - God. He was and will remain the best fighter. And I just Olympic champion. And history will not be used as a Roll Gardner, and as the winner Karelin".

Roll Gardner


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The wrestler
2013-11-16 18:31:16
My dream came true finally became the champion of Russia, "Schorer, Makhachkala" weight 69 kg.
2013-10-10 15:15:08
I'm 13 years old I go to fight 2 years 2 took second place now will go to the Republican
2013-09-09 15:34:25
by the way Poddubny won with ease Ali Klych Kumyk athlete from Dagestani only Poddubny but the lion tore postlister thing interesnaya know about you,but you not))
2013-09-09 15:21:30
the world's best freestylers in Dagestanian time
2013-09-05 22:03:48
very well I am 14 years old and I already champion of Kazakhstan and will go to the Asian tournament))hope to win
2013-02-26 15:09:00
I am 19 years old I won araginskiy tournament
2013-01-21 22:04:42
I'm 10 years old. I go on Greco-Roman wrestling 4 months and already have one medal-third place in the tournament Lermentov
2012-04-21 02:28:04
I want to be just as strong. for this train a lot
2011-12-02 00:11:43
To be a wrestler proud,
Forget fighter this meanness,
to be a fighter this honor,
after all, not every girl he is!

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