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What animal is the most ancient?

Crocodiles are large predators, leading semi-aquatic lifestyle. This is one of the most ancient animals on Earth. On our planet there are 21 species of crocodiles. Their dwelling - shore freshwater reservoirs. But there are individuals who live in the open sea.

Among the crocodiles there are 3 families: alligators, real crocodiles and Gharial.

The face alligators short and wide. The rare species is the Chinese alligator, which numbered about a thousand individuals.

These crocodiles have narrower and longer than the alligators, the face. All these crocodiles there are 13 species. The best known representative is the Nile crocodile. The largest individuals of this species are able to attack even on such a large animal like a rhinoceros.

The Gharial is larger animals (sizes up to 6 metres in length!) with a very long and narrow jaws. Compared with other kinds of people they are not dangerous as they feed mainly on fish.

The Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensis) Nile crocodile Gavial
Chinese alligator Nile crocodile Gavial


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