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What planet in the Solar system the most?

The biggest planet in the Solar system - Jupiter. He is more of the Earth 13 times. Jupiter is located at a very great distance from the Earth. To reach him, you will need 2 years. On this planet has no solid surface, instead of a huge ocean, but it's not splashing water, and liquid substance resembling jelly. Generally, Jupiter many secrets. For example, scientists know that Jupiter inside heats itself, but what kind of "boiler room" is in its bowels, can not understand. And even on Jupiter there is a mysterious Red spot is a large and well visible in the telescope, it never covered by clouds and it is always at the same place. Scientists have found that Red spot is a huge atmospheric vortex that is wider than the Earth! First saw him 300 years ago, but it still exists and is not going to subside.

All Jupiter shrouded in a very dense atmosphere.

At Jupiter's many moons. Today they know 63.

The great Red spot on Jupiter Animation of the rotation of Jupiter, was created based on photographs from the Voyager 1 spacecraft

Interesting, but a little? Want to learn more about Jupiter?
Then read a more detailed article on Jupiter (difficulty level for middle and senior school age).


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