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What flower is the highest on Earth?

The champion among the flowers height is Amorphophallus Titanic (Amorphophallus Titanium; translated "formless giant phallus"), also known as the corpse flower, snake palm, voodoo Lily, the Titan Arum. He is a native from the island of Sumatra, but is found in other parts of South and Southeast Asia. Inflorescence of Amorphophallus reaches 2.5 m in height and 1.5 m in width. It consists of a long ear (providing flower garland in the world of flowers in height) and a Cup of-"curtain" (which provides the title for the width). The largest detected in vivo flower Amorphophallus reached 3.3 meters in height and weighed 75 pounds.

Amorphophallus Titanic
Amorphophallus Titanic

The smell of the giant, as you might guess, one of its names ("corpse flower"), has not pleasure, is the smell of rotting meat.

Amorphophallus Titanic

However, if people he disliked, the insect pollinators of Amorphophallus (beetles, patelnie fly) fly to him like bees to nectar.

An interesting feature of Amorphophallus consists in the fact that during pollination, the flower not only smells, but is heated to approximately 40 degrees (according to the observations of scientists, giant flower even able to change the ambient temperature a few degrees).

The pollination of flowers of Amorphophallus is complex.

The cob "corpse flower" consists of several sections, each of which plays a role in the pollination of plants. The upper part of the ear of dark cherry, some extended. It does not contain flowers and is called the sterile appendage. It serves to highlight the odorous substances that attract pollinating insects. Below are elastic bristles, through which insect is easily sneaks into the lower chamber of the inflorescence. But to climb back up the bristles he did not give. So the plant keeps insects at the bottom of the camera, as in prison. And finally, at the bottom of the cob are staminate, and then and pistillate flowers.

Flowering starts after midnight. Sterile appendage is heated and begins to emit an odor that attracts insects. They penetrate into the lower chamber and trapped by the plants. The rest of the night and all day insect prisoners spend in one camera is not yet ripe stamens and pistils. However, in short-term captivity insects live quite well: there is nectar and protection from large predators, warm and dry... Early in the evening heats up the bottom chamber. It stimulates the activity of insects and at the same time and the maturation of pollen. She liberally sprinkled on insects above. By midnight bristles fade, and insects are released. The plant produces captives on all four sides not from the generosity and with intent: he needs to insects, covered in pollen, climbed into yet opulence inflorescence next cob. Female flowers, "the jailer" at the moment of liberation of prisoners already immune to pollination - this is to prevent self-pollination.

Opalanie flowers bloom in globular berries, and plant flows into “hibernation”, again accumulating nutrients consumed to bloom.

The fruits of Amorphophallus Titanic
The fruits of Amorphophallus Titanic

Amorphophallus refers to the ephemeroids, that is, short-lived plants. At rest it is most of the year. At this time, "voodoo Lily" is a huge tuber up to 50 cm in diameter and weighing up to 50 pounds (record tuber weighed 91 kg). In the countries of Indochina these tubers used as food.

The tubers of Amorphophallus Titanic
The tubers of Amorphophallus Titanic

After a few months from the soil appears spotted stalk, stalk, at the end of which develops one beautiful hard-cut sheet. Growing up, the leaf is similar in size and appearance to a small tree with many leaves. For this he was nicknamed snake palm.

The sheet of Amorphophallus Titanic
The sheet of Amorphophallus Titanic ("snake palms)

Preparing for several days of flowering, the plant drops the sheet and "asleep" for about four months, in order to store energy. In the nature of Amorphophallus blooms more than once in three years. Already in the first cycle of flowering flower grows up to 1.5 meters high. With each subsequent time underground tuber is gaining more strength, and the flower turns all of the above.

This wonderful plant is grown in Botanical gardens around the world. When it blossoms, attendance Botanical garden increases hundreds of times, because this event is not less rare than observing comets near the Earth: to observe the flowering of this plant in terms of the Botanical garden could only 2-3 times in 40 years. In the United States Amorphophallus became famous after it was featured in the animated series "the Simpsons": the flower allegedly poisoned by poisonous fumes the whole town of Springfield. When this strange flower bloomed in 2005 at the University of Madison (USA), people stood in long lines to see it. The public interest in the flower was so high that the Botanical garden has established a hot line with records updated information about his condition. Souvenirs with flower image was then sold for a total amount of 50 thousand dollars.

Flowering Amorphophallus Titanic
One of the last observations of the flowering of Amorphophallus:
in the Botanical garden of Basel (Switzerland) in November 2012
The flower has reached the height of 2.27 meters and has grown from a tuber weighing slightly more than 13 kg
This is the first bloom for this instance - he waited for 17 years.


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