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What is the largest flower on Earth?

On the Islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan grows amazing plant, rafflesia Arnold (Rafflesia arnoldii). His name rafflesia was named after the British Governor of the island of Java Stamford Raffles and English physician and naturalist Joseph Arnold, who worked in his expedition, he first found a strange flower in the rain forests of Sumatra. It happened in 1818.

The Europeans call it corpse Lily, and Sumatra it is called "Bunga patma", which means "Lotus flower". However, the rafflesia is not even remotely resembles either a Lily or Lotus.

Rafflesia Arnold

The diameter of the colors of rafflesia - 60-100 cm (maximum recorded size - 106, 7 cm), and weight is up to 8-10 kg! Flower rafflesia consists of five fleshy petals, covered with a light warty spots. Each petal has a thickness of about 3 cm and a length of about 46 see Neither to give nor to take the pieces of meat! The smell of a flower-a record matched only by his appearance, and then we got to explain why it was named corpse Lily: the fact that he smells... bad meat!

The fact that the pollinators of rafflesia - not butterflies or bees and dung flies. The smell of rotting meat attracts them. Not the last role, I guess, has the appearance of a flower: bright red background are light irregularly spaced spots of irregular shape.

Petal of rafflesii Arnold
Petal of rafflesii Arnold

Surprisingly, this miracle completely unable to synthesize organic substances, as other plants. It can only take nutrients from the stems of the vines, which germinate its seeds. That is, the rafflesia is a plant parasite. In this regard, the rafflesia lost all the bodies that have "normal" angiosperms: she had no green leaves, no stem, no roots. The plant consists of cords of cells - thread-like mycelium, which germinate from seeds (the amount of which is not more than a poppy seed!) and pierce the stems of the vines. Interestingly, the parasite does not cause the plant host any harm.

After about a year and a half after the seed falls on the vine, under the bark appears thickening, similar to the kidney. Reaching the size of a baby Cam, "kidney" is revealed, showing the world rolled in Bud brick-red petals. Bud Matures from nine months to a year and a half, but blooms only a few days.

Bud rafflesii Arnold
Bud rafflesii similar to rotten kochanek cabbage

Flowers rafflesii bisexual. If women's lucky flower and the pollen has fallen, it formed the ovary. From it for seven months developing berry-like fruit, full of thousands of seeds. And faded rafflesia begins to degrade rapidly, gradually turning into a shapeless mass of black.

Disk flower rafflesia Arnold
Disk flower rafflesia Arnold

The seeds of rafflesia subject animals to the extremities which sticks the contents of the crushed fruits, and insects.

Due to the fact that the area of tropical forests are rapidly declining due to mass deforestation for plantations, all kinds of rafflesia are under threat of total destruction.

Strictly speaking, the rafflesia Arnold is the most wide flower on Earth. Her rival for the title of largest flower in the world is Amorphophallus Titanic - winner of the highest inflorescence. However, the width of the inflorescence he can also compete with the rafflesia. Read more.


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