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The bird which flies faster than anyone?

This question has long been occupied by scientists. However, to answer him not just because of the competitions that are covered by the judges with stopwatches, birds do not hold. Therefore, to judge the bird's speed can only be based on indirect evidence: if we can pinpoint the time at which the bird will fly a segment whose length is known.

And still the questions remain: have developed if the bird at this point, the maximum speed or flying, that is, slowly? It is not surprising that the numbers operated by scientists, but then different. And nevertheless, there is a certain "scale" of the bird's velocity with which it is interesting to explore.

Speed crows, for example, from 35 to 45 miles per hour. Herons - 55 to 65 miles per hour. The same speed may develop and pheasant. Sparrows can accelerate to 80 kilometers, roughly the same speed and starlings. The smallest of the birds - hummingbirds, it turns out, is extremely agile - up to 95 kilometers. But even faster European Swifts - they are able to race with a speed of up to 110 kilometers.

However, the champion of Champions is the Falcon, the speed in flight is 120 kilometers per hour, and at the moment the dive extraction twice more. It's surprising, but very fast in flight become wild ducks and geese, not very agile on the ground. So the boy Nils Holgersson from the famous tales of the Swedish writer Selma lagerlöf flew his Gus Martin speeds up to 115 miles per hour.


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2013-11-29 16:47:45
for the advice
2013-04-24 18:49:54
Wavy parrot - 120km/year, if I'm not mistaken))
2011-12-01 07:06:38
thanks for the advice
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